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Why Big Tech’s Reckoning Won’t Stop With Uber

Now we can say that life for big tech firms appears increasingly different from how it was five years ago. Then, Uber utilized a hidden “kill switch” to thwart police’s probe of its data systems in over 12 countries.  The company forged into places where its service-economy methods broke city rules, rising above the mayors’ […]

<strong>Twitter sues Elon Musk, holding him to a $44 billion deal</strong>

Twitter sues Elon Musk, holding him to a $44 billion deal

On Tuesday, Twitter sued Elon Musk for violating his $44 billion deal to purchase Twitter and told a Delaware court to order him to finish the merger at the concluded $54.20 per Twitter share. The complaint says “Musk believes that he, unlike every other party subject to Delaware contract law, is free to change his […]

<strong>Elon Musk fields questions about free speech and bots in an all-hands Twitter meeting.</strong>

Elon Musk fields questions about free speech and bots in an all-hands Twitter meeting.

Elon Musk fielded questions concerning free speech and bots during an all-hands Twitter meeting.  He addressed Twitter staff for the first time during an all-hands Q&A meeting, in which he provided more details about his plans for Twitter. Musk proposed the concept of “authenticating all humans” on Twitter when he first revealed his bid to […]

This week in apps; major events you need to know.

Google’s new ‘multi-search’ attributes hint at AR glasses’ future Google introduced a new “multi-search” feature in April that provides a way to search the web with both images and text at the same time.  On Monday, during Google’s I/O developer conference, the firm disclosed an expansion to the feature, termed “Multisearch Near Me.”  This feature […]

Tesla delivers unprecedented numbers of EVs in a ‘very’ difficult quarter

On Saturday, Tesla reported that it had delivered over 305,000 electric cars in the first quarter of 2022. This is a record-breaking feat in line with expert expectations as production has suffered because of supply chain drawbacks and COVID-19 influenced factory shutdowns. Confirming the news, CEO Elon Musk tweeted, “This was an exceptionally difficult quarter due to supply […]

A global, dream team workforce that doesn't cost a cent

Fans of Elon Musk know that in addition to his primary projects of Tesla and SpaceX, the seemingly tireless Musk has also espoused the construction of a hyperloop. The hyperloop is a vacuum-like transportation pod that if successful, could whisk passengers from say, San Francisco to Los Angeles in just over half an hour. Pretty […]