Tesla delivers unprecedented numbers of EVs in a ‘very’ difficult quarter

Tesla delivers unprecedented numbers of EVs in a ‘very’ difficult quarter

On Saturday, Tesla reported that it had delivered over 305,000 electric cars in the first quarter of 2022.

This is a record-breaking feat in line with expert expectations as production has suffered because of supply chain drawbacks and COVID-19 influenced factory shutdowns.

Confirming the news, CEO Elon Musk tweeted, “This was an exceptionally difficult quarter due to supply chain interruptions & China zero Covid policy. “Outstanding work by the Tesla team & key suppliers saved the day.”

The Electric Vehicle company revealed that it manufactured 305,407 vehicles and delivered 310,048 vehicles in the first quarter of 2022.

And that the most vehicles manufactured and delivered were Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. The firm delivered 295,324 Model Y and Model 3 vehicles. And 14,724 Model X and Model S vehicles.

The delivery numbers were inline.

The delivery numbers were in line with some poll groups and even exceeded analysts’ expectations.

Analysts made by Refinitiv indicated expectations of 308,836 car deliveries, and those surveyed by Factset expected 317,000. 

Nevertheless, the EV production was reduced slightly from 305,840 in the previous quarter because of supply chain problems and factory shutdowns.

Tesla EV production was largely affected by Covid-19

Tesla cut down its production due to the surge in Covid-19. Its 2021 first-quarter delivery and production come amidst rising pressure in China that prompted lockdowns.

In particular, Tesla idled its production in her Shanghai factory twice. Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai manufactures around 2,000 vehicles every day, mainly Model 3s and Model Ys, for the European market and Chinese consumers. 

Meanwhile, Tesla has managed to scale its production compared to the same quarter of 2021 as new factories are being established. 

For instance, in the 2021 first quarter, Tesla manufactured around 180,000 vehicles and delivered about 185,000 vehicles. Now, the production has increased to 305,407 vehicles with the delivery of 310,048.

EVs production is set to continue now that the company’s new factory in Berlin is opened.

In another development, Tesla revealed that it’d report its first-quarter earnings on April 20, 2022, after the market closes.

Tesla is championing the global transition to sustainable energy using electric cars. The company has proven that electric cars can be desirable as it combines high-tech interiors and outstanding performance.

Unlike other vehicle producers who sell via franchised dealerships, Tesla company sells directly to customers. It has established a global network of showrooms and galleries to sell its vehicles.

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