Elon Musk fields questions about free speech and bots in an all-hands Twitter meeting.

<strong>Elon Musk fields questions about free speech and bots in an all-hands Twitter meeting.</strong>

Elon Musk fielded questions concerning free speech and bots during an all-hands Twitter meeting. 

He addressed Twitter staff for the first time during an all-hands Q&A meeting, in which he provided more details about his plans for Twitter.

Musk proposed the concept of “authenticating all humans” on Twitter when he first revealed his bid to purchase Twitter for $44 billion. This shows he has always been conscious of Twitter’s bots and fake accounts.

And today, he described what his plan may entail while clarifying that he doesn’t believe human authentication is needed to use Twitter. 

Musk thinks that anonymity can help people to express their political views freely. This has been his priority.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg said that Musk proposed a suggestion that users can pay to be authenticated as humans via a tool, and the users’ tweets may be ranked above others.

Concerning content moderation, the Tesla CEO maintained his former statement that users could say “pretty outrageous things” provided that those thoughts are legal.

On its business side, the tech billionaire said he wants the social media app to have more than one billion users, given that Twitter currently has 229 million daily active users based on the last quarterly report.

Musk believes that user growth will support his other Twitter ideas. He wants Twitter to make more profit via in-app payments, advertising, and creator features. 

Even though Twitter has launched some creator products such as super follows and tipping and ticketed spaces, creators don’t rely on Twitter for income, whereas operating an effective YouTube account could be a viable pathway or career.

The CEO also disclosed that he wants Twitter to be like China’s WeChat, stating that WeChat’s users live on the app because it combines messaging, social media, games, payments, and calling into one platform.

Musk complimented TikTok, founded by ByteDance, a Chinese company, for keeping its users entertained.

However, it’s still unclear when, how, or whether this idea and deal may close as Musk wants more Twitter information about how the number of accounts isn’t real humans. 

In the meantime, the stock market has suffered while reducing Tesla and Twitter stocks and putting the billionaire in a bind as Twitter wants him to honor the $44 billion offer.

Despite everything, Musk still claims to love Twitter and is committed enough to answer staff questions. For him, “Some people use their hair to express themselves. I use Twitter.”

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay