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Payment data can be an evidence for abortion, now it’s illegal in some US States

Payment data can be used as evidence for abortion now that it’s illegal in some states in the US. Since financial companies take several payment data from their customers, legal experts believe prosecutors can subpoena the records for abortion evidence. Now that abortion is illegal in several US states, and criminal investigators could soon start […]

<strong>The transfer deal of EU-US data might be finalized by the end of 2022</strong>

The transfer deal of EU-US data might be finalized by the end of 2022

The EU-US privacy shield was coined on 12th July 2016. The platform was aimed at enhancing the free flow of EU users’ data to companies within the US.  EU-US privacy shield is a transatlantic platform for monitoring data transfers between the EU and the US. The EU issued some complaints about cross-border data protection. The […]

Minority Report is real : we can now foresee crime

Minority Report is real : we can now foresee crime

1956: That was the year the book “Minority Report” was written by Philip K. Dick. 2019: That’s when it will become a reality. With the National Data Analytics Solution, welcome to the age of preventing crime before it happens. Maybe.     Preventing crime   “Minority Report” is a novel written by Sci-Fi author Philip K. Dick. […]

The Digital French Council is worried about French government position on Open Data

Just a couple weeks after a loud argument between RATP -a state-owned public transport operator, and CityMapper -a public transit navigation app, the CNNum calls out French parliamentarians in a press release, encouraging them to support open data on the occasion of the digital Republic draft bill led by Axelle Lemaire -Deputy Minister for Digital Affairs, […]

How connected objects are predicting your next move

Building a connected object is usually seen as a hardware challenge. But in order for the object to be useful in real conditions, the software also has to be extremely well designed. Quite often, the interface that lets the user interact with the object is very limited by the nature itself of the object. One […]