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Approaching €100 Million, Dailymotion to open office in the Land of the Rising Sun

It’s been some time now that the French press is watching closely every move Dailymotion is making, mainly because of the French government intervention last spring putting an end to the Dailymotion Yahoo deal. Dailymotion and a few UK media announced several days ago a new partnership between the two parties consisting in Dailymotion appointing […]

Dailymotion-Vevo syndication deal expands beyond US to Europe

Dailymotion-Vevo syndication deal expands beyond US to Europe

Coming hot on the heels of Orange’s announcement that they’ve decided to put an additional €30 million in Dailymotion comes the news that the YouTube rival is picking up the pace of its efforts to expand its footprint outside of France. According to an article featured in The Next Web, Dailymotion’s syndication partnership with VEVO, […]

Rude VC: 3 broken arrows of growth capital in France

Rude VC: 3 broken arrows of growth capital in France

The other day during a stimulating conversation with five of French tech’s movers and shakers, the subject came up about the challenges facing high-potential tech firms in need of growth capital. Setting aside the Yahoo/DailyMotion debacle for a moment (which I fear will carry disastrous long-term consequences for cross-border m&a, one of the three ‘arrows’), […]

France sees the Internet as a key to globalization, study finds

Les Echos in conjunction with IFOP released a study this week delving into French attitudes and perceptions of the internet, its place in their lives as well as their thoughts on the internet’s tech leaders.  It’s clear from their findings that although that concerns around privacy abound, particularly in regards to the US digital leaders, […]

With 3.1M€ lead by Ventech, find out how StickyAdsTV became a Top 10 video property in France overnight

Comscore released their monthly report on web traffic and video property traffic from April 2013, and it seems that there is quite a bit of fluctuation in the video traffic space. Dailymotion’s month got even more rough – fresh off a severe rejection by Yahoo who in-turn acquired Tumblr (rebound acquisition much?) – the French […]

Has Yahoo walked away from the Dailymotion deal? Might this be good news?

The WallStreetJournal reported early this morning that Yahoo is no longer interested in the Dailymotion purchase. News of the potential deal began months ago with rumors, and as things progressed, it became more and more clear that the “international partner” that Orange was looking to offload its stake in Dailymotion on was Yahoo. This week, […]

The irony of the French government’s intervention in the Yahoo! – Dailymotion deal…

Last week, my cofounder wrote about how the French government’s may potentially be slowing the deal for Yahoo to acquire 75% of Dailymotion (currently 100% owned by Orange). This morning, Les Echos confirmed that the government is indeed looking for alternative solutions, and, essentially, refuses to let foreign companies buy a majority stake in Dailymotion. The […]

Did the French government put the breaks on the Dailymotion – Yahoo deal?

As was widely reported last month, Yahoo had supposedly been in ongoing talks with Orange to take a majority stake of 75% in Dailymotion, the 31st ranked site globally.  However, now comes the news from Le Monde that the talks have abruptly come to an end. It’s well-known that Orange had been searching for a […]

Yahoo reportedly in discussions with Orange to buy big stake in Dailymotion

Yahoo is reportedly in talks with Orange to buy what could potentially be a big stake in Dailymotion. According to sources familiar with the discussions, Dailymotion may be valued at as much as $300 million and Yahoo could ultimately buy up to 75% of the French online video site  This move by Yahoo would help […]

Orange now (reluctantly) owns 100% of Dailymotion. What’s next?

This past week Orange purchased the remaining 49% of Dailymotion, after having purchased 51% of the video site nearly two years ago, with a clause in its acquisition to allow it to buy the remaining 49% later. After trying to find a US partner to take the remaining 49% of the company for the past […]