Dailymotion-Vevo syndication deal expands beyond US to Europe

Dailymotion-Vevo syndication deal expands beyond US to Europe
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Coming hot on the heels of Orange’s announcement that they’ve decided to put an additional €30 million in Dailymotion comes the news that the YouTube rival is picking up the pace of its efforts to expand its footprint outside of France. According to an article featured in The Next Web, Dailymotion’s syndication partnership with VEVO, a joint-venture owned by several media/music giants plus Google, will be expanding beyond the US market which is where it had been limited to-date. The broadening of the agreement will now allow Dailymotion viewers in France, Ireland, Italy Spain and the UK to access 75k from Vevo.

In speaking about the deal, Marc Eychenne, Head of Content EMEA at Dailymotion added:

“Dailymotion is committed to providing our users with great original content, and music is one of our most popular areas, so we are very excited to extend our partnership with VEVO on this,” says Eychenne.  “This will provide great content to our European users and a platform to help VEVO reach many more music fans.”

Another important win for Dailymotion with this deal is that it will significantly open up ad-supported access to Vevo’s catalog, which features not only music videos, but also concerts and related programming. Orange boss Stéphane Richard has set some aggressive targets, so hopefully for the Dailymotion team, this deal will help them, at the very least, pick up their rate of growth in Europe.