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Crowdcube is launching its equity crowdfunding solutions in France.

Equity crowdfunding is more popular in the US or UK than in France as few French startups turn to their user communities to raise new funding. Now, Crowdcube is bringing its equity crowdfunding solutions to France. Due to the latest regulatory changes, Crowdcube, a British investment platform, is officially launching in the French market. It […]

Kik Announces Kin: Cryptocurrency on Ethereum

Kik Announces Kin: Cryptocurrency on Ethereum

What would you do with a $1 billion valuation? For Kik, the answer is setting up and launching their own cryptocurrency. In 2015, Kik received funding to the tune of $50 million from Tencent Holdings, which put them into the Unicorn Club (inclusive only to startups with a billion dollar valuation or more). Now, in 2017, they […]

The Cornerstones of the Hardware Revolution

The Cornerstones of the Hardware Revolution

Anyone who worked in technology before 2003 can tell you that it’s no coincidence that startups have exploded in the past 10 years – when servers costs when to zero, and open source software caught up to its proprietary counterpart,  it didn’t matter how many people (a lot) were on the web, because scalability was […]

Debunking the French Government’s recent proposals to define crowdfunding: What is and isn’t being regulated

The following is a guest post by Aurélie Daniel, Cofounder & CEO of Beyond Croissant & blogger at En 20 Lignes, who has a Master’s in Business Law from the Institut d’Etudes Politques de Paris. You can find her on Linkedin or follow her on Twitter @aureliedaniel. The French Government has recently proposed changes to establish a legal framework for […]

Crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank launches their next product, HelloMerci, for not-so micro loans

KissKissBankBank has long been a success story of the French startup world – its crowdfunding platform for creative projects is doing well, and their business model is working well for them – revenue from the projects themselves (they keep a percentage), plus sponsorship. When we spoke to them for the first time, CEO Vincent Ricordeau […]

French President announces 10 pro-business measures to redefine French business as we know it

Yesterday, at the closing of the Assises de L’entrepreneuriat, François Hollande gave a closing speech that wrapped up a series of 9 talks (“Les Assises”) which discussed entrepreneurship in France – its problems, its potential, etc. During the closing words, Hollande gave a look into the future for the entrepreneurs, the “pigeons” who attended the […]

Pebble competitor VEA Buddy’s Bluetooth Watch may be Indiegogo’s first breakout campaign in France

Just last December, Indiegogo announced its international launch, adding euros and pound sterling to the currencies that it would accept, and while it didn’t seems like a big change, it only took a few months for the first breakout French hardware project to pop up. The Marseille-based VEA Buddy bluetooth watch has already garnered $78K […]

European Commission strategy for tech startups: Start in Europe, Stay in Europe

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President for the Digital Agenda of the European Commission, ended the second day of LeWeb, talking about the European Commission’s strategy for supproting European tech startups. The talk was part of an ambitious action plan by the European Commission, currently being studied with input from the European startup scene, which will be presented in […]

KissKissBankBank – The startup from Europe­ that got cloned by Kickstarter

KissKissBankBank is one of the oldest crowdfunding websites in the world. The idea was loosely based on SellABand, who were the first one ever. They started seriously working on the idea 6 months before Kickstarter. What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding comes in four flavors: P2P lending, philanthropy, rewards, and microventure. They are in the most popular […]