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Following Bouygues, Orange’s and SFR’s low-cost offers both hit 1 million subscribers

Although Free threw them for a loop when they launched their mobile offer last year, the three ‘old school’ mobile operators look to finally be adapting to a radically altered space. Last month Bouygues was the first ‘old school’ telco to reach the 1 million subscriber market with their B&You low-cost offer late 2012. Now […]

France will have 4G soon, but at what cost to users?

France will have 4G soon, but at what cost to users?

At the end of last year, Bouygues Telecom announced they would request permission from ARCEP to transform their old 2G network into a 4G Network which would be notably compatible with the iPhone 5. Over the past two months, ARCEP has listened to the other three operators – SFR, Orange, and Free – as they […]

Bouygues is getting ClockBlocked from having an iPhone monopoly in France

Bouygues is getting ClockBlocked from having an iPhone monopoly in France

In the weeks coming up to the iPhone5 launch last year after the new phone was announced, most of Europe was buzzing with one common problem – not one single carrier was running the correct frequency (1800MHz) in order to provide the iPhone with 4G. Most of the carriers had built 2600MHz & 800MHz frequencies […]

Orange and SFR both facing hefty anti-competition fines

Another day, another drama in France’s chaotic mobile market.  France’s Authorité de la Concurrence (roughly translated, ‘Competivity Authority’) has announced that SFR and Orange have been found guilty of anti-competitive practices during the period of 2005 – 2008.  As a result, the Authority ordered Orange and SFR to pay €117.5 million and €65.7 million respectively. […]

The Mobile Operator Cluster Fuck – The Saga Continues

It seems like the four major Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can’t stay out of the news these days, as Challenges reported yesterday that Bouygues Telecom (3rd largest operator in France) is suing Iliad ( parent company of Free Mobile, the 4th largest mobile operator in France, launched earlier this year) for €100 Million for an […]

Despite Delays, SFR launches 3G in RATP

After an agreement signed between French telecom provider SFR and the Paris region transport authority (RATP), SFR brought up the 1st iteration of their 3G network in the RATP – specifically in two main stations, Chatelet & Gare De Lyon. SFR customers in these areas finally have access the 3G networks underground after 3 months […]

France will have a 4G Network for the iPhone 5

We don’t often cover Apple news on the Rude Baguette – we leave that to bloggers who have no more interesting topics to write about. When Apple announced the specs on its latest iPhone 5, all the headlines read like this one from Reuters “Apple’s iPhone 5 puts Europe in 4G Slow lane.” How come? […]

Did Free even pierce Orange's peel?

When Xavier Niel announced the launch of Free Mobile about six weeks ago, he invited not only comparisons to Steve Jobs but also the attention of the global tech world. Free’s approach to the French market — to build a mobile network on the back on its substantial consumer wifi network — is certainly unique, […]

[rant] Bouygues answers #FreeMobile "Lalala, I can't hear you"

I wouldn’t consider myself a “fan” of Bouygues – in fact, in France no one is happy with their ISP, no matter who they have. In conversations, you more often hear “Oh, you have [SFR/Bouygues/Orange], they suck!” followed shortly by a “I mean, I don’t like [not the one you have], but at least I […]