Big data integration startup Talend closes $40 million round

One of the rising stars in the rapidly growing area of big data integration, Talend, has just closed on a big $40 million round, bringing the total amount of funds they’ve raised thus far to ~ $100 million.  Having raised several previous rounds from various investors (including, Silver Lake Sumeru, IDInvest, Galileo, Balderton, etc), Bpifrance, […]

Deolan takes off with 2,5M€ from CapHorn Invest

Deolan takes off with 2,5M€ from CapHorn Invest

French company Deolan has just announced a new capital raise of 2,5M€ with CapHorn Invest. Operating in the complex business of aviation, Deolan has developed a platform to interconnect all the parties involved with air transportation. Airlines, passengers, airport operators, crew and other actors of the aviation value chain make up a tough problem to […]

Free Mobile’s €19/month 4G Mobile plan sounds too good to be true. So, is it?

Free Mobile’s €19/month 4G Mobile plan sounds too good to be true. So, is it?

In his typical fashion, Free Mobile’s passionate CEO Xavier Niel announced the mobile provider’s 4G offer via Twitter this week. Less than two years after Niel announced that his company Iliad would offer unlimited calls, text, and 3G data for just 19,99€ with an equally astonishing 2,99€ plan without data, Niel has announced that he […]

Want your startup to succeed? Peel carrots

The following is a guest post from Michael Ferranti, a marketer and product guy living and working in San Francisco, USA where he earns money for hanger steak and cèpes mushrooms. You can follow him on Twitter @ferrantim where your tweets in English and français are welcome, or on his blog. When I was 17 and got a job cooking […]

RudeVC: Why the latest RBS scandal smells so rotten

If claims in a UK government report published last week have any basis, then the latest scandal surrounding the Royal Bank of Scotland makes LIBOR manipulation look like just a rainy start to the cricket season. The Tomlinson report, established by UK Business Secretary Vince Cable, found evidence that RBS intentionally forced small and medium […]

Study suggests France’s IT sector will shrink in 2013

Although weathering the downturn better than other sectors, France’s IT sector hasn’t entirely escaped unscathed in 2013. Syntec Numérique, a leading association representing France’s tech sector, just released their annual report on the state of play in France, which projected that France’s tech sector will end the year down -0.3% from 2012. The hardest hit in […]

RudeVC: Investing in competing firms

The other day my partner received a fundraising teaser from an intermediary which contained a section on the project’s competitive landscape. The competition mapping followed the common quadrant format, yet to my partner’s astonishment, included one of our existing portfolio companies smack in the sweet spot of this project’s competition. To solicit us for fundraising […]

Collaborative listening platform Soundrop expands beyond Spotify; now available to Deezer users

The venture-funded music listening app Soundrop has announced that it will be available to Deezer users starting today. The application, which was originally built exclusively as a Spotify app, allows users to listen to music together in ‘rooms’ – a of sorts, if you will. The startup has already raised $3 Million for its application, and a […]

After crowdfunding its campaign 6x the Smart Wheel is ready for European production

Although there are some notable crowdfunding successes, few of them actually make a strong argument for the betterment of society. New York based startup Flykly did just that when they shared their vision for the future of urban mobility. The Smart Wheel is one of those products you immediately think : “How come we didn’t […]

Cloud BI startup BIME Analytics raises $4 Million from Alven Capital; opens Kansas City office

Cloud business intelligence startup BIME Analytics announced this week that they had raised a $4 Million Series A led by Alven Capital, following news earlier this year that the company would open their US headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. The company, which offers advanced business intelligence services as a simple SaaS offer, has already had […]