The ugly side of the Google+ demise

It’s not really a surprise. Google has announced the end of Google+ for consumers. It seems logical since you probably can’t recall the last time someone told you “please join my Google+ circle so we can stay in touch”. But there is a back story to it. A story of flaws, cover up and a […]

Let’s clear up the Russian trolls involvement in the Last Jedi bashing

Let’s clear up the Russian trolls involvement in the Last Jedi bashing

“Half of negative tweets about the Last Jedi were the works of Russian trolls”. It’s the breaking news of the week since researcher Morten Bay released his preprint paper. But aren’t we a little quick in jumping to conclusions? I’m a Star Wars fan since the Empire Strikes Back (yes, I’m that old).  So when […]

China’s plan for domination in Artificial Intelligence

China’s plan for domination in Artificial Intelligence

  The already pervasive influence of Artificial Intelligence in our lives The key selling point of this year’s iPhone, Apple’s most expensive device yet, is not it’s battery life or speed, but the AI capabilities that are built into it.  One feature, revealed in Cupertino at an early September presentation, was the enhanced camera present […]

When Facebook’s targeting options excludes females from jobs ads

Facebook is a target of choice for the non-profit organization ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and has faced numerous actions in the past. ACLU has a new reason to go after Facebook and this one does bring back some old and nasty memories of gender discrimination at work.   Equal Employment Opportunity   In the […]

FRENCHTECHFRIDAY : Smash – file transfer with an extra edge

    French startup Smash is taking the file transfer fight right up to giants such as WeTransfer. But they have a few tricks up their sleeves to become a valid competitor.   The need for file transfer   Who has managed to make it through digital life without the nagging “this attachment is too […]

SAIP, the French alert app, shuts down

Launched in 2016, prior to the Soccer competition (Euro 2016), the terror attacks alert app shuts down. The French government will now rely on social networks (namely Facebook and Twitter) as well as Google. Is it a blow for digital sovereignty or a logical update? Could there be another option?   A good idea, at […]

Is Facebook getting too old for teens?

    Today, Facebook announced a “portal” to inform youngsters on how to use Facebook. This could seem like a noble idea. However, both the content and the means to get it across don’t make par.     A Portal for Youth   Facebook launched its Youth portal. Available in 60 languages, it aims to […]

Social media interference in votes: it will take more than banning ads

  On May 25th, Ireland will have a decisive referendum on abortion. Pressure groups are playing hard to influence voters. Facebook and Google have announced measures to monitor foreign influence. But this is far from enough.   Playing nice with the Irish   Facebook is in a tight spot. Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the […]

#FrenchTechFriday: Wizzili, the family wizard

This morning, your youngest kid cried. He had run out of cereals for breakfast. Then your best friend asked you if you’d care for a BBQ this weekend. You said yes because you had forgotten your eldest’s concert on Saturday. And that was before your spouse grumbled because you don’t find time for family outings. […]

Oh la la ! France’s amazing gift to Google: its citizens’ data

  It’s that time of year when millions of French have to file in their income tax return online. This time, the official website displays an information video. But this tutorial is hosted on Youtube and Google gets its best-ever view of the French population. A matter of digital sovereignty?   Online Income Tax Return […]