10 Little-Known Facts about the France vs. Google dispute

1. France vs. Google is a User Custody Battle Online news consumption is more about user behavior than about media content. What fails to connect the user with content has more to do with an underdeveloped system in place to synthesize modern media curation. The tendency of online newsprint is to maintain the status quo, […]

Hootsuite launches in France; adds Viadeo integration

Hootsuite launches in France; adds Viadeo integration

  Hootsuite, which recently acquired Loic Le Meur’s Seesmic, announced this morning that it is now available in French, adding Viadeo integration to its Social Media Management platform. Hootsuite, used by big brands like McDonalds, Pepsico,Virgin & more, allows social media teams as well as b2c users to manage profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, […]

PR mistake 101: The unfindable patent of the Gamepad Android tablet

PR mistake 101: The unfindable patent of the Gamepad Android tablet

Archos suffers from a reputation as a somewhat unimaginative manufacturer, despite its strong growth. Their latest patent, filed in 2010, is about an electronic device (read: tablet) that can accommodate a removable accessory (read: 3G USB key), so nothing earth-shattering there. So it is great that Archos has now come out with a new product, […]

Why France Needs to re-invent the Jobs Market

Yesterday, while grabbing lunch I was nearly straddled by CIF protestors along Blvd Haussmann distributing pamphlets emblazoned with the cautionary words, “Tu te perds mon François- Repense à toutes ces années de service!” In the first week of September the CIF was greeted with the resignation of their CEO, a government bailout approved by the […]

Digital Media Hub Awards Nominees Announced!

Roll out the red carpet for the Digital Media Hub Awards 2012! HUBFORUM, partnered with FrenchWeb.fr, will hold an awards ceremony in Espace Cardin on October 11-12 to honor the the most influential digital personality of the year, start-up of the year, and digital marketing and communications book of the year. Expecting 600 guests in attendance, […]

The Importance of Intellectual Property Protection

Guest Post:  Jennifer Motian provides an overview of IP (Intellectual Property) basics, the differences between the French and US systems, and the importance of properly protecting your IP. Jennifer contributes writing to Red Chalk Group, an international firm that specializes in intellectual property services and consulting.   One of the most important things for a startup […]