Balderton invests in 3D Hubs, a social network for the 3D Printing community

Balderton Capital has invested in the seed round of 3D Hubs, an Amsterdam-based startup which currently boasts the largest network for 3D Printers. Leveraging the roughly 95 percent down time that 3D Printers have in people’s homes and offices, 3D Hubs wants to leverage the fast-growing communities of 3D Printer-owners and 3D makers by creating […]

Dailymotion-Vevo syndication deal expands beyond US to Europe

Dailymotion-Vevo syndication deal expands beyond US to Europe

Coming hot on the heels of Orange’s announcement that they’ve decided to put an additional €30 million in Dailymotion comes the news that the YouTube rival is picking up the pace of its efforts to expand its footprint outside of France. According to an article featured in The Next Web, Dailymotion’s syndication partnership with VEVO, […]

The French Government’s (feasible) 8-step plan to turn Paris into an international startup hub

The French Government’s (feasible) 8-step plan to turn Paris into an international startup hub

The French government has announced their intentions to build “Digital neighborhoods” (in French, Quartier Numeriques) in Paris as part of a plan to turn Paris into an international startup hub. The brief of the official report by France’s Minister of ‘fix the industrial sector and get us out of the economic depression’ Jean-Marc Ayrault, details eight concrete steps that the […]

“Why trademarks are important for startups” OR “How SEOMoz sent us a takedown notice.”

The following post is a guest post by Anji ISMAIL, co-founder & CEO of DOZ, which provides Search, Social Media, and Content Marketing through a community of multi-localized experts. You can follow him @anjismail. This story about our own experience aims to avoid other startups getting into the same troubles. Always register your trademark! A […]

French Researcher from Cambridge says, “The Potential of Graphene is Huge”

Photo credit: James Hedberg Bruno Dlubak, French associate researcher at Cambridge University, waits for me in Paris’14th district near Montparnasse. His research is the forefront of Europe’s most talked about idea since the Chanel Jacket, the fabrication of Graphene for commercial use. Enthusiasm from the Press Gizmodo Can Cure foot odor Irish Times Graphene Flagship = […]

Report from French government offers some big ideas to foster a ‘culture of innovation’ in France

A report published today by the government and covered in detail in Les Echos rings the alarm about where France falls vis-a-vis its international counterparts on innovation and proposes 19 measures to help foster an innovation and entrepreneurial culture in France. Smartly, the report suggests to start at the beginning – with the education system. […]

Here’s a list of French startups exhibiting at CES this week

With CES coming up this week, it seems that the once infamous event, which had taking a reputation beat-down last year, with Microsoft announcing they wouldn’t be returning this year, has actually come full circle, and is now a highly anticipated hardware startup event. Tech blogs are gathering up their entire team, and it seems the event […]

ePawn raises €1M from Elaia to bridge the real & virtual world

ePawn has announced a round of funding of €1M from Elaia Partners in order to bridge the connection between machines & real-world objects by using its patented technology to allow machines to detect the position of objects & interact with them. It is currently licensing this technology to major players in the video game & […]

Concur's $150M TravelTech global fund takes off!

Concur Technologies, a traveltech giant who acquired TripIt last year (and owns a few other notable properties), has launched a $150M fund, called The Perfect Trip, dedicated to funding innovation in the traveltech sector. According to Pierre-Emmanuel Tetaz, head of Concur France and former founder of ETAP ON LINE before it was acquired by Concur, the […]

Apple purchases Swiss clock trademark for $21 million

Hans Hilfiker of SBB national railways designed the analog alarm clock for your iPhone back in 1944. True, Apple didn’t come into existence until April 1, 1976-but  today, Apple avoids a lengthy and costly litigation process with the Swiss railway in a $21 million purchase. This is creating a lot of buzz on the internet partly because […]