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Crowdcube is launching its equity crowdfunding solutions in France.

Equity crowdfunding is more popular in the US or UK than in France as few French startups turn to their user communities to raise new funding. Now, Crowdcube is bringing its equity crowdfunding solutions to France. Due to the latest regulatory changes, Crowdcube, a British investment platform, is officially launching in the French market. It […]

<strong>How France geared up to become a global innovation powerhouse</strong>

How France geared up to become a global innovation powerhouse

Over the last few years, France has geared up to become a global innovation powerhouse. The European nation has become an enigma in innovation and entrepreneurship and has turned into a haven for startups. The western nation is now seeing itself as a self-proclaimed “startup” country that’s fueled by the rising success of hundreds of thousands of […]

Here are the top-performing French startups to watch out for

Here are the top-performing French startups to watch out for

Every year, La French Tech, the French government-backed initiative, has always made it a duty to share two French startups rankings, the Next40 and the French Tech 120, annually. The startup rankings involve the 40 and 120 leading performing startups in France. This year’s list is making it the third time the French government has […]

Elon Musk’s Purchase of Twitter; Is It Really About Free Speech?

While conservatives cheer and greet Musk as a liberator of free speech following his Twitter purchase, the leftists and others believe otherwise. The neutrals now ask if the Musk Twitter purchase is about free speech. Simply put, would his purchase enthrone more free speech on the app, or will it be just a hoax? Musk […]

BeSafe Group, an Italian startup, secures €1.2 million for its insurtech

BeSafe Group, an Italian startup, has secured €1.2 million for its insurtech. This is aimed to fasten the development of insurance and tech for European tourism while combining insurtech with travel tech.  The round was jointly agreed upon by CDP Venture Capital Sgr, via its Acceleration Fund and Prana Ventures SICAF.  BeSafe is established to […]

Bored Ape Instagram hack cost NFT owners $3 million

The founders of Bored Ape said that its Instagram account has been hacked. And hackers are now posting fraudulent links to lure people to phishing sites. Hackers have stolen about US$3 million of the globe’s most popular NFTs after accessing the Instagram account owned by the BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. The hackers have […]

Spotify paying subscribers grew by 15% in Q1 despite Russia’s exit and Rogan backlash

Joe Rogan’s controversial podcast on Spotify has done little to prompt users to leave the service. Based on app store data, users are still using the streaming service even after Rogan backlash and Russia’s exit.  Spotify’s earnings grew by 15% in the first quarter. Despite Russia’s exit and the loss of 1.5 million Russian users, […]

US Stock hits rock bottom.

Today, the US stock has regressed in the new market week. Investors are on the brink after multiple trials to rebound the market structure in previous weeks. Investors are keeping an owl’s sight on the inflation and consumer spending amidst the federal reserves. On Monday, the S&P 500 dipped at a rate of 0.7% at […]

How Finland’s startups attracted unprecedented investment in 2021

Finnish startups witnessed a record-breaking year in 2021 as they pulled a total of €1.2 billion in investment, majorly from foreign venture capital companies. A total of €743 million was poured by Venture capital investors into Finland’s startups, with foreign venture capital companies having €553 million and domestic venture capital firms gulping €190. And all were invested […]

EU parliament resolution condemns Azerbaijan’s erasure of Armenian history

The EU parliament resolution has condemned Azerbaijan’s Erasure of Armenian History. The European Parliament voted on March 10, 2022, to adopt a Joint Resolution on the destruction of cultural heritage in Nagorno-Karabakh.  The resolution strongly condemned Azerbaijan’s destruction of Armenian churches, monuments, and historical sites in the Nagorno-Karabakh war after the November 9, 2020 ceasefire. The […]