Peter Campobasso

Europe's Smart Thermostat Race is Heating Up

At the beginning of this month, connected hardware developer Netatmo announced a partnership with EDF Energy to bring its smart thermostat into the EDF Energy HeatSmart Program. This announcement so far just applies to the UK marketplace, but could have a huge impact later on across the Channel on the continent, both in France and beyond, as […]

ElectricMood's lightweight scooter zooms past its Indiegogo goal in 24 hours

ElectricMood's lightweight scooter zooms past its Indiegogo goal in 24 hours

For those of you who are fans of the scooter, or any kind of quicker urban travel in general, you are certainly in luck. The ElectricMood is well on its way to becoming a success story! In just one day, it surpassed its funding goal of $50,000 on Indiegogo, and still has another 29 days to […]

GDF Suez and Tendril team up to bring ESM to Europe

GDF Suez and Tendril team up to bring ESM to Europe

Energy Services Management solutions will soon be on their way to the European marketplace. In the past week, GDF Suez, one of the largest global power producers, invested $7.2 million into Tendril, an innovator in ESM products. Already having reached millions of customers in the United States, will be expanding its reach to European consumers […]

Breaz is helping startups hire engineers at record-breaking speeds

Back in August, Rude Baguette published an article about Breaz and the eye it had on expansion into the European marketplace. Breaz is an innovative recruitment solution, creating a sort of auction for talent seeking employment. Tech companies sign up for its service, and are sent weekly lists of talent profiles, curated for those hiring. […]

Can Curioos' new mobile app revolutionize Digital Art?

Art and interior design lovers: it’s time to whip out those phones and tablets and head to download the Curioos app! Curioos, a digital art factory, claims to have solved the number one obstacle standing in the way of art sales online from becoming mainstream. Their new application allows you to visualize one of Curioos’ […]

JeLoueMonCampingCar Raises 550,000€ to expand internationally and… shorten its name

French RV renting platform,, has reached a fundraising milestone of 550,000€. Founded in 2012, the site is a service for mobile home owners to rent out their vehicles to individuals, while they are not using it. You can think of their service as Air B&B for RVs! JeLoueMonCamping has had significant growth in the French marketplace, noting […]

Shutterstock's 2014 Trends include Blurry Backgrounds, Selfies & Zentangle

In Shutterstock’s 2014 Creative Trends Infographic, selfies, quirky music, and blurred backgrounds all emerged (or continued) as trends in the advertising, film, and media industries worldwide. However, the list doesn’t stop just there! This is just a sample from the various areas that the report covers. Each year, Shutterstock, a company that provides digital imagery […]

NewWind raises €1.1 Million for its Urban Tree-Shaped Wind Turbine

French green tech company, NewWind, just raised over 1.1€ million for its product, l’Arbre à Vent. A wind turbine in the form of a tree, this device is capable of generating enough electricity for a family of four, or about 3.5kW of energy. The innovation comes in the silent spin of the light-weight metallic leaves […]