Breaz is helping startups hire engineers at record-breaking speeds

Breaz is helping startups hire engineers at record-breaking speeds

Back in August, Rude Baguette published an article about Breaz and the eye it had on expansion into the European marketplace. Breaz is an innovative recruitment solution, creating a sort of auction for talent seeking employment. Tech companies sign up for its service, and are sent weekly lists of talent profiles, curated for those hiring. They then are able to compose an offer and send it to a job seeker. The idea is to change recruitment from a headhunting model to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Their difference is how they collect a monthly fee for each talent recruited for the duration of a talent’s hire, limited to 18 months, essentially tying their interest to that of the companies using their service.
Recently, Breaz has been undergoing some very notable successes. They’ve been setting records with hiring speed as well as number of offers. During the last week of January, they broke a record for the time it took to hire a data scientist; it took only 10 days for one person to sign a contract. Another day that same week, they reported an Android developer receiving 4 job offers, salary information upfront, in the same morning. In the first week of Febraury, 3 people were hired in one day. With figures like these, it seems as if they’re bringing this ‘bad economy’ to myth status!
Not only that, but they are getting noticed as well by more than just us. EU Startups named them in January as one of the 5 French startups to look out for in 2015. With this type of attention, not to mention activity, I think we can safely say that they’ve gained significant momentum since August. How solid could their position across Europe be? To be seen.
What we do know from speaking with co-founder Corentin Guillemard is that they are “focused on ramping up the new verticals [they] have opened up at the end of 2014”, such as with Data Scientists, Sales, UX/UI Designers. Breaz is “working with Venture Capital firms like Alven Capital and ISAI as well as Accelerators and Incubators, such as EuraTechnologies and Rocket Internet in order to help their ventures hire top talent as fast as possible.” This extended reach is quite promising for Breaz.
As one of our participants at Paris Startup Job Fair, we certainly will be interested to see how their recruitment method stacks up and expands while interacting with the 1,000+ job seekers that will be present. We are excited to learn a thing or two from them while we watch them in action in March.