Lisa Korrigane

#FrenchTechFriday : Bringing families back together with Famileo

  [September 2018 update : Family has been awarded the French Tech Pass, for startups in hyper-growth] Remember that time when the grand-parents had the whole family around? Tell stories and treat the kids. Now that link is often broken and the elders are cut off from the rest of the family. How do you […]

#FRENCHTECHDRIDAY : How well do you master the French Tech lingo ?

#FRENCHTECHDRIDAY : How well do you master the French Tech lingo ?

  French Tech this, French Tech that. Everythins seems to be called French Tech nowadays. Can you tell the difference between the French Tech Pass and French Tech Ticket? Let’s clear all of that up.     What is the French Tech?   The French Tech (FT) is a government led initiative to promote innovation […]

Coding vs. English: What did Tim Cook really mean?

Coding vs. English: What did Tim Cook really mean?

  Early last October, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, made an express visit to France while promoting the latest iPhones.One of his public statements launched a myriad of comments and criticism.   “Learning to code is more important than English”   Despite France’s glee at the “more important than English” bit, most comments were negative. They […]

The winning startups of the first Agri Startup Summit 2017

  Two weeks ago November, the first Agri Startup Summit took place in La Roche-sur-Yon, France. Although the agricultural world is mainly seen as a traditional trade (with all the condescending strings attached), it is a quite a playfield for specialized startups.   An International contest was held where 30 startups fought out for the […]

#FRENCHTECHFRIDAY: Koondal veille sur votre dos

    Presque tout le monde se plaint du dos à un moment ou un autre (ou tout le temps!). Le – mauvais – réflexe est de se mettre au repos alors que ce sont les exercices qui favorisent la récupération. Mais quels exercices peuvent être faits sans souffrir? Koondal, jeune startup de la French […]

Where does France really stand in the Tech World?

We like to put things – and people – into neat little boxes: this country is good at inventing, this one does well in computer sciences. How much if it is true? The OECD has just released a comprehensive report on Science, Technology and Industry for 2017. Maybe it’s time to set the record straight. […]

#FRENCHTECHFRIDAY : Prenez un verre avec 10-Vins

  Thibaut Jarrousse est un des fondateurs de 10-Vins, une startup de la French Tech. Il ne vous est pas inconnu, vous avez pu suivre son French Tech Tour le mois dernier sur notre page Facebook. Basé à Nantes 10-Vins propose de savourer de grands crus, au verre, dans les meilleures conditions de dégustation. Et […]

#FrenchTechFriday – Eclypsia: e-sport around the clock

  To those of us uninitiated in the fast-growing e-sport industry, there is a far away land, highly mysterious, where people play competitive video games. They play, like, all the time. But, to these people, e-sport is no game. It’s an entire sector with its own, round-the-clock platform : Eclypsia. In the same way most […]

Upgrading the old fashion trade fair with Tradefest

  In 2017, trade fairs and conferences are still one the most important ways of doing business. In spite of the rise of digital, exhibiting at events still represents the biggest slice of marketing spend. Why is this? Exhibiting at events is the preferred way to meet potential clients and accelerate the sales cycle – […]

#FRENCHTECHFRIDAY : Hungry Up – FoodTech and tradition

The French have this thing about lunchtime. Lunchtime is food time, and good food time if possible. Lunchtime is a moment to talk, to chill, to enjoy. Lunchtime in France takes time, maybe too much. French FoodTech startup “Hungry Up” thought up a way to enjoy only the best part of lunchtime. The downside of […]