Lisa Korrigane

#FrenchTechFriday: Tilli – When an ancestral skill meets digital

Sewing used to be on the curriculum. Anyone could shorten a pair of trousers, some could change the size, a few could transform a garment. Now one can barely find a seamstress at all. But the startup Tilli is making you keep your unfitting clothes a little while longer.   That’s a fact. People now […]

When Facebook’s targeting options excludes females from jobs ads

When Facebook’s targeting options excludes females from jobs ads

Facebook is a target of choice for the non-profit organization ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and has faced numerous actions in the past. ACLU has a new reason to go after Facebook and this one does bring back some old and nasty memories of gender discrimination at work.   Equal Employment Opportunity   In the […]

FrenchTechFriday Follow Up : Kokoroe meets Pole Emploi

FrenchTechFriday Follow Up : Kokoroe meets Pole Emploi

    Almost exactly a year ago, we covered the launch of Kokoroe. Kokoroe is a learning platform with a twist. The Kokoroe team don’t actually make up new content. Most of it is already available online. They excel at gathering the best sources to create any training and keep it updated. One year later, […]

#FrenchTechFriday: Get more out of your business trip with Tepee

As you’re reading this, hundreds of thousands of businessmen (and women) are traveling for work. Only yesterday, a friend told me this was his 101st business trip of the year (yes, Raphael, that’s you). Endless hotel check-ins, same rooms, same breakfast, same everything. What if you could spice it up with Tepee ?   The […]

#FrenchTechFriday: 4Escape, the toolbox for your escape

Where do team building groups, stag night party-goers and Uni friends get a chance to meet? In an Escape Room. These rooms where you have to escape in 60 minutes are growing in popularity. But Escape Room managers encounter specific issues. French startup 4Escape takes them on.     A general solution for specific issues […]

#FrenchTechFriday: Archive Valley finds that unique footage

It’s not always the most visible startups that end up being the most sought-after. Archive Valley is one of them. Working in the background, Archive Valley is like a missing link. On one hand you have footage providers, thousands of them, and on the other hand, those who need footage. In the middle, you now […]

War between Netflix and Apple: it’s only the beginning

  Netflix, the streaming giant and Apple, the tech and music master were a nice looking couple for some years. Then Apple started to think about replacing its successful partner. The once mutual profitable alliance is quickly vanishing. Winter is coming     Netflix and Apple were working in symbiosis. Netflix provided content and original […]

Out for a record year in French Tech fund raising in 2018?

On the second term of 2018, funds raised by French startups added up to $995 million, which bring the year’s total to $1.846 billion. The record of 2017 will probably be smashed.   The new quarterly insights by CB Insight, dedicated to investments in startups, is out. It confirms that French Tech startups are soaring […]

The giants behind the startups: meet Orange Fab

Starting up in the tech world is a daunting experience. Some make it into incubators or accelerators to get that extra nudge on the way to success. Offering such guidance is a win-win situation: while startups get help, big groups stay on top of the innovation race. Meet Orange Fab France, the accelerator of the […]

#FRENCHTECHDRIDAY: Ride with Horsealot

If there ever were a large worldwide community, it’s the family of horse-riders. Beyond borders and generations, whether for leisure or work, the horse-man bond has always been very strong. Yet, horse riders are scattered and it’s not easy to meet. That was before French Tech startup Horsealot came along. Alexandra Martel started riding at age 8. As […]