Lisa Korrigane

FrenchTechFriday: le savoir de Stample

« Un investissement dans le savoir rapporte toujours les meilleurs intérêts »   Cette phrase est de Benjamin Franklin mais elle aurait tout aussi bien pu être prononcée par l’équipe de Stample. Dans un temps où nous cherchons à relever de nombreux défis technologiques, le partage du savoir est la clé de voute de la réussite et […]

Drone flying: the legal nightmare and the end of leisure flight

Drone flying: the legal nightmare and the end of leisure flight

Landing on an aircraft carrier Not a week goes by without some news on a drone “misconduct” (latest was landing on one of UK’s aircraft carrier). They gather about as much interest as they spark fear. Try flying a drone, just about anywhere, and before you’re first battery is up, you’ll have a small crowd […]

French Tech Friday: Les débuts de Geomail

French Tech Friday: Les débuts de Geomail

GEOMAIL: le petit nouveau   Qui se cache derrière Geomail, cet outil pour prospecter plus vite que son ombre? Basé en France et aux États Unis, la startup Geomail démarre très fort outre Atlantique malgré ses 6 petits mois d’existence. Retour sur une startup qui démarre en trombe avec son fondateur Sylvain de Muyck.   […]

Women in Tech – beyond the biology explanation

We’re not surprised to see so few female coders “Early May 2013. We must be about a hundred, gathered in front of the Free headquarters, in Paris. Age: around 20. Few girls but I’m not surprised“.   Thus starts an article written by a young lady going for the try-outs of the Tech Coding School […]

French Tech Friday: The Swello Story

How a summer break idea is tackling the big names in Social Media Management Tools (SMMT)   Meet Jonathan Noble, a 22-year-old French entrepreneur. Seven years ago (yep, your math is right), while in high school, he noticed his tweets were gathering more engagement when posted during school hours. Back in 2010, with no smartphone […]

Fighting Fake News

France has this problem. Actually, the world has it. Back in 1997, James Bond bad guy Elliot Carver boasted “There’s no news like bad news”. Had the movie been made today, it would definitely be “There’s no news like fake news”. So what do we do about it? FAKE NEWS: FUN OR FOE   France […]

Rebranding France

How President Macron is putting France on the top spot     France has become the world’s top soft power nation making a big leap from n°5 to n°1 within a year. This makes France the most influencial nation, overtaking the U.K. and the United States. Not long ago, this would have been unthinkable. There […]