FrenchTechFriday Follow Up : Kokoroe meets Pole Emploi

FrenchTechFriday Follow Up : Kokoroe meets Pole Emploi
Almost exactly a year ago, we covered the launch of Kokoroe. Kokoroe is a learning platform with a twist. The Kokoroe team don’t actually make up new content. Most of it is already available online. They excel at gathering the best sources to create any training and keep it updated. One year later, Kokoroe has big news.

The unexpected jump into B2B

Kokoroe has gone a long way since last September. And what started as a B2C endeavor now also answers a B2B demand.
On the B2C side, plans are at 6,50€/month to gain access to all the courses. Needless to say, in a world where online courses providers make big money, that got a few teeth grinding. 5000 paying users later, Kokoroe can boast having 115 courses to offer.
Some of these users were using the platform to upscale their skills on the job and soon, big CAC40 companies joined in. This could seem odd, knowing they all have their own training departments.
As it turns out, Kokoroe has a definite advantage over them: responsiveness. Kokoroe can get a course out in 2 weeks which turned out to be very useful when the arrival of the GPDR got everyone screaming for training.
Kokoroe now works with big names such as Engie, Orange, SNCF or ClubMed to name only some of the 15 CAC40 companies using the platform.

Pushing the ethics one step further

But Kokoroe was always about something bigger. It was about offering training to all. In times when the digitally insecure struggle to find jobs, catching up on digital skills is a major step.
The Kokoroe platform offers accessible courses, usually in a rather cheeky way. This makes online training more user-friendly, especially for those who risk lagging behind in the digital race. Namely the unemployed and all those who strain to access the internet. Whether it be by lack of resources or lack of knowledge.
Kokoroe had already set up partnerships with non-government organizations to help the homeless skill up, thus helping them return to work. But this time, a new partnership should help millions more.

“Pole Emploi” aims to fight the digital divide with Kokoroe

Starting today (September 19th), is the new partnership between Kokoroe and Pôle Emploi (French Employment Service). From now on, job seekers will have full access to the courses in the “digital” and “soft skills” categories. The level of these two skills is what gets you the job at the end of the day or miss it. Over 3 million job seekers will get their access and, hopefully, will be able to stay in the game while out of work. Gathering more confidence, explore lifelong learning, acquire new skills, this partnership hopes to boost the digital inclusion.
And it pleases immensely the Kokoroe team that feels very strongly about the corporate social responsibility. And how they can incorporate it in everything they do.