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How Russia and Ukraine are finding new ways to use tech in the war

From facial recognition to Musk’s use of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites, technology is being used in creative ways in the ongoing Ukraine war. People and companies are using technology to help end the war and save Ukrainian victims. Some big techs like Microsoft and Google have been indirectly involved in the war. While some target Moscow […]

<strong>UK’s big tech regulators to boost switching, cut killer acquisition </strong>

UK’s big tech regulators to boost switching, cut killer acquisition 

The regulatory body in the United Kingdom has unanimously decided to impose rights rules on tech giants.  Tech giants like Google, Facebook, IOS, and the new giant baby, Meta would have to comply with the newly enacted British rules.  After launching a committed component centered on digital marketing a year ago, the UK government will […]

<strong>Binance gets the first European Regulatory approval in France.</strong>

Binance gets the first European Regulatory approval in France.

Binance, a Cryptocurrency exchange, has achieved a prominent milestone as the first trading platform to be registered in France. The company, which is the largest cryptocurrency exchange globally by trading volume, has been approved by the French regulators to operate its digital asset trading platform in the nation. It was officially reported on May 4, […]

Crowdcube is launching its equity crowdfunding solutions in France.

Equity crowdfunding is more popular in the US or UK than in France as few French startups turn to their user communities to raise new funding. Now, Crowdcube is bringing its equity crowdfunding solutions to France. Due to the latest regulatory changes, Crowdcube, a British investment platform, is officially launching in the French market. It […]

How France geared up to become a global innovation powerhouse

Over the last few years, France has geared up to become a global innovation powerhouse. The European nation has become an enigma in innovation and entrepreneurship and has turned into a haven for startups. The western nation is now seeing itself as a self-proclaimed “startup” country that’s fueled by the rising success of hundreds of thousands of […]

Here are the top-performing French startups to watch out for

Every year, La French Tech, the French government-backed initiative, has always made it a duty to share two French startups rankings, the Next40 and the French Tech 120, annually. The startup rankings involve the 40 and 120 leading performing startups in France. This year’s list is making it the third time the French government has […]

Elon Musk’s Purchase of Twitter; Is It Really About Free Speech?

While conservatives cheer and greet Musk as a liberator of free speech following his Twitter purchase, the leftists and others believe otherwise. The neutrals now ask if the Musk Twitter purchase is about free speech. Simply put, would his purchase enthrone more free speech on the app, or will it be just a hoax? Musk […]