Connected Conference unveils +100 speakers including Withings, SNCF, Parrot, Indiegogo, Nokia, FirstMark Capital & more

Connected Conference unveils +100 speakers including Withings, SNCF, Parrot, Indiegogo, Nokia, FirstMark Capital & more

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Connected Conference, the 3-Day conference & expo highlighting the intersection of Industrial & Internet sectors will take place May 25th to 27th in Paris. During these three days, we will cover 9 different tracks representing the landscape impacted by the convergence of Industry and Internet. Take a glimpse at our program day-by-day and discover a highlight of our speakers:

Health & Wearables

They will delve into what might be the future of healthcare with a dedicated panel including Julien Penders -Co-Founder of Bloom, Stanislas Niox-Château -CEO at Doctolib, Chen Nachum -Co-Founder and CEO of LiviaMoni Milchman -CEO of Achirmedicx, and Alexis Normand -Director of Healthcare at Withingsjust acquired by Nokia, the Finnish company, will also attend the event.

Cities & Data

The city is the ultimate proof for whether the anticipated rise of Big Data can show its fruit. Databases designed to store, retrieve & analyse it, tools built to make sense of it, and all that’s left is for cities to plug it in. We’ll explore the various uses of data in urban areas and what it implies with Yves TyrodeChief Digital Officer at SNCF, and Olivier Selles  -Digital Officer Innovation Manager Energy & Smart Cities at Bouygues Immobilier.

3D Meets Virtual & Augmented Reality

The rise of Virtual & Augmented Reality, and the burgeoning 3D printing is just at its beginning. Solomon Rogers -Founder of Rewind, Rémi Rousseau -CoFounder of Mimesys, the one and only Robert Scoble -Entrepreneur in Residence, and Ryan Holmes Founder and CEO of SpaceVR, a startup who raised $1.25M to send VR camera satellites into orbit, will be speaking about how the convergence of these two applications is creating waves that will impact industries for decades to come.

Home & Security

The race to turn our homes into connected platforms for our daily lives is on – early leaders have taken mundane objects and turned them not only into smart devices, but also into data repositories of our everyday activities. We will approach these topics with several speakers including Guillaume Lehallier -Digital Ecosystem Program Manager at AXA, Fred Potter -CEO of Netatmo, which has raised $30M last year in a funding round led by industrial French group Legrand.

Cars & AI

It has been reported that Alphabet (Google) is about to  announce a technical partnership with Fiat Chrysler group in order to help realize its self-driving car initiative. Are the cars becoming smarter than us? What regulations have to change in order to put autonomous cars on our roads? We’ll try to answer this questions with the founder of -a 4-day event about mobility, and Rob Pegoraro – Journalist at USA Today.

Retail & E-Commerce

The retail industry has embraced E-Commerce; however, their physical real-estate seems both cumbersome and appealing to pure players. What will become of the boulevards & shopping streets? Can technology for retailers turn around sliding in-store revenue? Is web-to-store a real thing? Damien Morin -CEO and Founder of Save, a Paris-based device repairing startup proceeding 100,000 phone repairs a month, will share its experience and vision, along with Vibhu Norby -Founder of b8ta, the Palo Alto based company that is transforming the showroom experience with digital.

Bits & Pieces

Echoing the famous Moore’s law, parts that run our technology are getting smaller at the same rate that our expectations of their performance grow. Parts suppliers & manufacturers want the same thing: to get in front of the next big thing. Michael Sorkin -General Manager at Formlabs, one of the most personal 3D printer manufacturers, and Sabrina Sasaki -Marketing at Makers Bootcamp, will be among our guests to examine this topic.

Drones & Video

Drones are more than just a trend – they are everywhere, causing entire industries to rethink how they operate. The military industry is using drones, movies are shot with drones, and very soon our goods will be delivered by drones. We’ll explore Drones’ future with speakers including Hakim Montanelli -Founder of FlylabVernon Kerswell -CEO and Founder of Extreme Fliers, and Philippe Duvivier -Business Developer at Parrot, a couple of weeks ago, the French company announced the formation of a drone manufacturers alliance with DJI, 3DR, GoPro.

TelCo’s & APIs

Billions of new devices will come online in the next few years, which raises the question: on which network will they communicate? TelCo’s have embraced dedicated networks, while new players and approaches have raised large sums of money to build dedicated networks for your devices. Matooma, the French company based in Montpellier and Official Sponsor of Connected Conference is developing a universal SIM-card allowing every connected device to use the cellular network, its CEO Frederic Salles is one of our keynote speakers, while Stéphane Allaire – President at Objenious by Bouygues Telecom, Olivier Hersent -Founder of Actility, and Marc Rouane -Chief Innovation at Nokia will share a panel about reinventing telco’s in the connected age.

And, more!

That’s just a few highlights from our Central Stage… Our Deep Dive Stage will delve into Hardware Financing with VCs Luke IsemanY Combinator, Ben EinsteinBolt, Cyril EbersweillerHax, Olivier HuezC4 Ventures, Matt TurckFirstMark Capital, Rodrigo Martinez Point Nine Capital. Then we’ll take a look at the Future of Manufacturing with EBV Elektronik, ST Electronics, Valeo, PSA Peugeot-Citroen, and then we’ll wrap up with a Smart Cities day sponsored by none other than the Mayor of Paris with CityScoot, Libelium, Parkeon, Dataiku, and Bain&Company.

Did we mention the Connected Home? Each year, Connected Conference builds a house filled with hand-picked connected hardware that is plugged in and ready for you to play with, and the best about this is that every product is available for order. Our attendees will be able to test brand new hardware such as Sensorwake‘s olfactory alarm clock, Samsung’s connected ovens, Neato‘s robot vacuums, or Canary‘s Indiegogo crowdfunded security systems.

If you want to learn more about the event, discover the full speakers list, and if you are interested in attending Connected Conference, the IoT event bringing together more than 3,000 attendees from 50 different countries, get your ticket today!