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Withings CEO Cedric Hutchings "health is no longer something you begin to think about the day you are sick"

Thanks to their heralded activity trackers and other connected health devices, Withings has quickly grown to be on of the leaders in the “Mhealth” space. Although consumers have been rapidly flocking to their devices, they know that the their devices will only achieve their greatest impact once all players (health care professionals, governments, etc) in the healthcare […]

Soon to be launched Névo connected watch to take on Withings’ Activité

Soon to be launched Névo connected watch to take on Withings’ Activité

  The wearable market has seen several of new devices on the market in recent months, particularly the connected watches.  While iWatch has certainly been the most heralded, Withings also made a big splash with their state-of-the art connected watch Activité which launched this fall.  Now a new entrant the Névo, which is result of […]

How connected objects are predicting your next move

How connected objects are predicting your next move

Building a connected object is usually seen as a hardware challenge. But in order for the object to be useful in real conditions, the software also has to be extremely well designed. Quite often, the interface that lets the user interact with the object is very limited by the nature itself of the object. One […]

Disrupting the Dentist – Kolibree goes head to head with Oral B on the Connected Toothbrush

After making its first appearance at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year, French startup Kolibree likely woke up to a rude awakening when Proctor & Gamble announced that they would be launching a Connected Toothbrush under the Oral B brand – the ‘rude awakening,’ of course, comes from the fact that this was the […]

RudeVC: 2013 landing on a good note

Various topics have been tumbling around my brain about which to write in this last post of 2013 on France’s startup ecosystem. There’s the alarming passage of a wide-reaching French surveillance law, or yet another French fiscal flap like the Eckert proposal, and of course the depressing pronouncements by Arnaud Montebourg at LeWeb last week. […]

MWC: Withings announces full android compatibility for its Wireless Scale and Baby Monitor

French startup Withings announced this morning that Android users will now have full compatibility with two of Withings’ leading devices: The Black Wireless Scale, which uses Bluetooth & Wifi Connectivity and can recognize individual users, & the Smart Baby Monitor, which gives parents a new generation of communication with their infant. The Wireless Scale, which […]

Here’s a list of French startups exhibiting at CES this week

With CES coming up this week, it seems that the once infamous event, which had taking a reputation beat-down last year, with Microsoft announcing they wouldn’t be returning this year, has actually come full circle, and is now a highly anticipated hardware startup event. Tech blogs are gathering up their entire team, and it seems the event […]