Archive for May 2015 raises $1m, marking the first investment for ISAI's Seed Club

Last month, ISAI not only announced the closing of their ISAI Venture II fund, but also announced that they were taking their first foray into seed-stage investing through their newly created ‘Seed Club‘. Via Seed Club, ISAI plans to co-invest with angels who are already investors in their principal fund(s) in 5-6 seed stage startups per year. The first […]

The Rebirth of French Venture Capital

The Rebirth of French Venture Capital

Change is an important part of any ecosystem. A forest fire may seem like a natural disaster that only causes destruction; however, it is the disappearance of older, larger trees that allows for younger ones to receive sunlight, and for seeds to sprout up from the ashes. Such is the Venture Capital ecosystem, and in France, the […]

Bpifrance's Le Hub seeks to drive innovation through better ecosystem collaboration [Sponsored]

Bpifrance's Le Hub seeks to drive innovation through better ecosystem collaboration [Sponsored]

Bpifrance is obviously a key stakeholder within the French tech ecosystem.  Since 2000, they’ve provided financing to 60k companies, have had at their disposal 18 billion euros to invest in the ecosystem, and have helped finance 200 venture funds. For startups in particular, this support ranges in everything from subsidies to loans to direct and […]

Cyborg Plants & Fabric Sensors – here are the 7 Startup #ConnectedContest winners!

After 4 weeks of submissions, we’ve selected our winners for the #ConnectedContest – 7 amazing products (and the videos they submitted) which cover many of the themes we’ll be covering this year. We’ve got refrigerator magnets, plant cyborgs, sensors made from fabric, and a connected bike. We were very excited by the projects we received, and I’d […]

Privacy Advocate Tristan Nitot on France's surveillance law "This law is a major step towards a police state"

With all the data that the IoT and Connected Hardware revolution will generate, securing these devices as well as all the information they utilize and generate is increasingly becoming a concern.  Add to that the increasing level of electronic / internet surveillance by governments around the world, ensuring the protection of our devices and data poses a formidable […]

Italy on the Pacific: How Airbnb can alter Japan's trajectory

When Japanese Prime Minister Abe visited the San Francisco Bay Area last week, he spoke about the need for Japan to foster its own version of Silicon Valley. His rationale makes sense. Many governments here in Europe have launched initiatives to encourage startup ecosystems and boost innovation (LaFrenchTech, London TechCity, Finland’s Startup Sauna, Enterprise Ireland, […]

Learning and talent management leader Skillsoft buys Vodeclic

Skillsoft, a global leader in learning and talent management have announced that they’ve just bought Vodeclic, a leading provider of next generation video tutorials via a purpose-built and easy-to-navigate cloud-based platform.  The terms of the deal were undisclosed. Vodeclic offers content in 6 different languages and their platform is offers a variety of innovative features, including: Interactive assessments […]

Techstars to hold Paris launch event this week for their new Berlin-based food and travel tech accelerator

Techstars has been one of the most successful accelerators in bringing their program to different cities throughout the US and now in Europe. In the last couple years, Techstars’ expansion strategy has taken a interesting turn as they’ve partnered with corporates to build out several vertical accelerators around areas such as entertainment (Disney), mobility (Ford, […]

IDInvest's got a new €140 Million fund, so why are team members leaving?

IDInvest announced the closing of their latest fund, €140 Million, on the back of a very successful previous fund. IDInvest has invested in Deezer, Dailymotion, Meetic & Criteo, as well as SIGFOX and Syntehsio (which haven’t exited yet, but look promising). IDInvest’s investors include their historic partner, Allianz France (which recently opened up an accelerator in the […]

Twitter Meets Craigslist: Stootie raises €1.2 Million, boasts 170,000 users

Stootie has raised €1.2 Million from Cap Decisif to grow their peer-to-peer marketplace, the startup reported this week. Stootie, which boasts 170,000 users (50,000 active users), has been pushing its marketplace since 2011, hoping to create a marketplace where anyone who needed a hand could ask for it, and anyone who wanted to help could propose […]