Cyborg Plants & Fabric Sensors – here are the 7 Startup #ConnectedContest winners!

Cyborg Plants & Fabric Sensors – here are the 7 Startup #ConnectedContest winners!

After 4 weeks of submissions, we’ve selected our winners for the #ConnectedContest – 7 amazing products (and the videos they submitted) which cover many of the themes we’ll be covering this year. We’ve got refrigerator magnets, plant cyborgs, sensors made from fabric, and a connected bike. We were very excited by the projects we received, and I’d like to thank our partners – LaPoste/Docapost as well as ARUCO – for helping to get the word out. Much like Connected Conference, Docapost is committed to building an ecosystem of connected hardware products (we do it through a conference, and they do it through their connected hardware Hub).

Bubbles – Smart devices connecting brands & people

Triby (by Invoxia) – Bring your family together

FretX – The fastest way to learn guitar

Plug and Wear – Textile Sensors

Vegetal Cyborg – Giving Mobility to Plants

Voxidoo – voice commands for your smart objects

Haïku by ASPHALT Lab – Info on your handlebar,
smartphone in your pocket.
The winners are invited to reach out at us here to get their free Demo booth in the Startup Village & two 3-day tickets to the the Conference. Tickets are on sale now so grab your ticket today!