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Shapr raises $3 Million to combine Path, Tinder & LinkedIn into the perfect networking app

Paris- and New York-based startup Shapr has raised $3 Million from investors including Blablacar co-founder Fred Mazzella, the company confirmed on Twitter this week. The startup, which aims to leverage the power of introductions, was co-founded by Ludovic Huraux, formerly of Attractive World, and by Zane Groshelle last year. The product, currently built on top of LinkedIn’s API (with all […] raises €3 million with Seventure Partners raises €3 million with Seventure Partners

Founded in 2009 by Adrien Ledoux and Nicolas Lombard, is a jobsearch site focused on students or new graduates looking for internships or first-time job opportunities.  They’ve just announced that they’ve closed a €3 million round, which was incidentally their first fundraising effort, with Seventure Partners. What started out as a simple job listing site for students […]

Predictions are hard, especially about the future

Predictions are hard, especially about the future

The previous RudeVC column on predictions from smart European VCs generated a lot of feedback. Many readers apparently liked the diverse, pan-European nature of the perspectives. Some zoomed in on the granularity of them, agreeing with some and questioning others. One reader questioned the relevance of limiting the predictions to a one-year period. It’s a […]

Europcar buys French electric carsharing startup Ubeeqo

As people and companies look to save a bit of cash, avoid the hassle of driving everyday, or be more environmentally conscious, carsharing in its many forms has been on the rise in many markets around the world.  Since 2008, French startup Ubeeqo has offered an enterprise carsharing solution, which similar to Autolib’, provides companies […]

As demand for Data Scientists grows, Dataiku raises €3 Million for Data Science Studio

Big Data software editor Dataiku has raised $3.6 Million from Alven Capital  and Serena Capital for its product Data Science Studio (DSS),which allows data scientists “to design, build, and deploy their own data-driven and predictive applications.” Essentially, Dataiku allows users to take data from any source, modify, clean or alter it in any way they want (either […]

Dailymotion jumps into the game footage streaming world, launches "Games"

2014 was the year that online video found a new channel for growth in the form of video game footage streaming. Popularized by Twitch, which was acquired for nearly $1 Billion by Amazon last year, the new video model has got video hosting sites excited, and Dailymotion won’t be left out of this trend. The […]

Qivivo raises €900K from Saint Gobain for its Connected Thermostat

Nantes-based connected hardware startup Qivivo has raised €900,000 from investors including Saint Gobain, Go Capital & BPI France, in order to bring their intelligence thermostat to market to compete against Netatmo & Nest. Qivivo currently sells its intelligent thermostat for just 99€; however, the “Qivivo Smart” premium app, which offers automisation features for controlling the home […]

[Interview] Mention CEO Matthieu Vaxelaire discusses their big 2015 plans

Fast-growing media monitoring startup Mention has gone through a significant evolution over the last year.  Starting out as an eFounders company, they closed an important seed round with Alven Capital and Berlin-based Point Nine last year, shifted their strategy to focus more squarely on their enterprise offer and shook up their team, bringing in a new CEO Matthieu […]

Blablacar launches in India

Launching in a new country has become a science for Blablacar, although their 14th market & 1st Asian market will put the French carpooling startup to the test. The Indian market will double the total market addressed by Blablacar, even when only counting the few hundred million citizens who are mobile between major cities. India has been a […]

Accengage raises $3 million to expand their global reach

CRM and mobile engagement leader Accengage and part of the Mobile First Alliance Group announced this week that they’ve raised a new $3 million round, primarily funded by SME fund OTC Agregator.   Accengage’s principal service is a SaaS which integrates CRM Mobile functions such as push notifications and in-app notifications, provides functionality for marketer to better […]