Dailymotion jumps into the game footage streaming world, launches "Games"

Dailymotion jumps into the game footage streaming world, launches "Games"

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2014 was the year that online video found a new channel for growth in the form of video game footage streaming. Popularized by Twitch, which was acquired for nearly $1 Billion by Amazon last year, the new video model has got video hosting sites excited, and Dailymotion won’t be left out of this trend.
The #2 Video-hosting site launched Dailymotion Games last week, which will offer its existing community of the ability to livecast the games they are playing, portraying live “Let’s Play” style videos and other types of live in-game commentary videos.
Dailymotion has struggled to find a suitor after its disastrous fall-out with Yahoo back in 2013 – Orange continues to advertise its desires to find an acquirer, while internally, senior team members say that everyone has more or less checked out. Hopes of Dailymotion’s revival seem few and far between.
Still, Dailymotion Games is a great opportunity to remind its users that the product is keeping up with online video trends, and a great way for Dailymotion to show its premium partners that it is keeping its product new.