Criteo ads reach nearly one billion users worldwide each month

Criteo ads reach nearly one billion users worldwide each month


A latest study by comScore has found that Criteo reaches nearly one billion Internet (precisely 994M) users each month with their customized ads, dynamically created in real-time.  This finding underscores Criteo’s increasing dominance in the online ad space, with their global reach only second to Google’s Display Network.

Criteo has sought to reach new internet users that haven’t been exposed to other models of online advertising such as search. This strategy appears to be working as comScore’s research also found that 63% of internet users that have been exposed to a Criteo ad were not exposed to Google search ads.

In several markets, Criteo has demonstrated particular strength, with over 8 out of 10 internet users having been exposed to a Criteo ad. Top markets include:

1. 88 percent in Japan (their ground-breaking partnership deal with Yahoo! Japan, appears to have played in substantial role in making Japan their top market)
2. 85 percent in Italy
3. 83 percent in the United Kingdom
4. 83 percent in France
5. 81 percent in Brazil
6. 80 percent in the United States of America

Germany, Spain Russia, Australia and Portugal also proved to be top markets for Criteo, with over 70% of internet users having seen a Criteo ad in the last month.

Underscoring the importance of this milestone to the fast-growing, recently IPO’s online ad leader, Criteo President and COO Eric Eichmann states “Reaching virtually one billion Internet users is a very significant milestone for Criteo and reinforces the strength of our reach in the performance advertising industry. Criteo works directly with more than 7,000 leading publishers around the globe and all major real-time bidding networks, putting us in a leading position to deliver the efficiency and scale that marketers demand for their campaigns.”


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