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Soon to be launched Névo connected watch to take on Withings’ Activité

  The wearable market has seen several of new devices on the market in recent months, particularly the connected watches.  While iWatch has certainly been the most heralded, Withings also made a big splash with their state-of-the art connected watch Activité which launched this fall.  Now a new entrant the Névo, which is result of […]

Rude Baguette turns 3 Years Old – Looking back, and looking forward

Rude Baguette turns 3 Years Old – Looking back, and looking forward

It seems like so long ago that the Rude Baguette was born, and this last year has been so crucial to us, in terms of finding our stride. Last year on our anniversary article we focused on some of the most important news headlines of the previous 12 months – this year, I want to talk a bit […]

Partech Ventures: Europe’s first French Tier-One VC

Partech Ventures: Europe’s first French Tier-One VC

Venture Capitalists will often tell you that it’s very difficult to tell how good a VC is until their 7th year (when they begin to see if their earliest investments will make a significant ROI); accordingly, it can be very difficult to tell whether a VC firm is good or not. VC firms are separated by […]

EduTech startup Kartable raises €1.2 million

The EduTech sector continues to grow rapidly around the globe and France is no exception.  French startups like 360Learning, Neodemia, digiSchool, Unishared and more seek to capitalize on the rapidly increasing need in for more innovative models to both early and life-long learning. As the traditional education system continues to come under pressure in France and elsewhere, these […]

One year after its IPO, the Criteo Mafia emerges

One year ago today, Criteo opened up trading and raised more than $200 Million in its Nasdaq IPO. Since then, the company has made several acquisitions – Tedemis, Ad-X (just before the IPO),  AdQuantic – and has faced some Ups and Downs on Wall Street. There was a rumor of a Publicis acquisition which died down, and now […]

The shocking reality of Viadeo’s current market cap

After their disappointing IPO earlier this year – stock has dropped from 17€/share to roughly 7.20€/share at the opening bell this morning –  Viadeo’s really been struggling on the Euronext stock market. Competition with LinkedIn has stiffened, and while private investors may be happy to offload Viadeo onto the public market, some simple math suggests that […]

French companies must now inform employees of potential acquisitions

A law passed in France, which takes effect November 1st, will require companies with less than 250 employees to inform employees of any intention to sell the company (or a majority stake in the company). This law will certainly have a ripple effect to startups, where deals are often made fast and furious, with the […]

What ever happened to the Rüde Pretzel?

One year ago, I hopped on a plane to Berlin for TechCrunch Disrupt Europe. At the time, Trista & I were all alone working on Rude Baguette, and had only just started to organize events, which had begun bringing it enough money to pay for plane rides. For the past 9 months, I had been looking at Germany and […]

The War in Paris to Clean your Home

Riding the Paris metro or walking the streets, it’s impossible to miss the increasing number of advertisements for tech startups. Airbnb, Drivy, Blablacar, Uber – the sharing economy is after you, whether you’d like to share or be shared. And, in the past 60 days, the latest war isn’t over your car, or your bed, but […]

Digital art marketplace Curioos raises $1.9 Million from NY investors

New York- and Paris-based has raised $1.9 Million from private New York investors, the startup announced today. With more than 3000 digital artworks to choose from, with prints starting at just $30, Curioos has grown to become quite the resource among the digital art community, amassing 250K+ followers on Tumblr, and 50K+ followers on Fancy. Launched in […]