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Did Apple just hobble Criteo's achilles heel ?

Apple caused some reverberations last week among ad-tech companies when it revealed that iOS 9 will permit “Content Blocking Safari Extensions”. In other words, the next release of iOS will allow users to install ad-blockers on its mobile browser, according to the documentation provided to developers at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Criteo’s stock plunged more […]

Criteo ads reach nearly one billion users worldwide each month

Criteo ads reach nearly one billion users worldwide each month

A latest study by comScore has found that Criteo reaches nearly one billion Internet (precisely 994M) users each month with their customized ads, dynamically created in real-time.  This finding underscores Criteo’s increasing dominance in the online ad space, with their global reach only second to Google’s Display Network. Criteo has sought to reach new internet users […]

RudeVC: 2013 landing on a good note

RudeVC: 2013 landing on a good note

Various topics have been tumbling around my brain about which to write in this last post of 2013 on France’s startup ecosystem. There’s the alarming passage of a wide-reaching French surveillance law, or yet another French fiscal flap like the Eckert proposal, and of course the depressing pronouncements by Arnaud Montebourg at LeWeb last week. […]

Here we go: Criteo files its IPO, could be trading as early as October

Criteo has filed its public IPO documents with the SEC, meaning the IPO could be no more than a month away. The announcement, first picked up by AllThingsD’s Peter Kafka, comes as no surprise – the IPO has been long awaited, and with the company’s acquisition of mobile adTech company AD-X in July, it was […]

Japan's renewed appetite for Europe

The Rude VC disappeared to Japan last week for a combination of business meetings and some spiritual re-calibration  I return refreshed and pumped up. Pumped up because the country that the West likes to deride as the one of the “lost decade” is demonstrating a renewed appetite for expansion abroad, especially in the tech sector. This […]

Gilles Babinet says 4 French Investment funds are leaving France

Earlier this week, a tweet from Captain Dash founder and France’s “Digital Champion” for the EU, Gilles Babinet, got a fair amount of attention. This may be perhaps because Babinet’s tweet claimed that he knew of four different French investment funds who will be leaving France directly because of the tax changes. Just days later, […]

Rude VC: Pigeons don't poop in private

Wow, it has been quite a week ! President François Hollande’s Socialist government unveiled its draft 2013 budget comprising some potentially devastating tax dis-incentives for entrepreneurs and VCs. A revolt ensued, with the birth of the Pigeon Movement, an explosion of emotion on social media sites, worldwide media attention, and the culmination of a dialogue […]

CEO JB Rudelle calls Criteo a Ninja Turtle on the eve of Series D fundraising

This morning, headlines are buzzing with the announcement of Criteo’s series D fundraising of 30 million euros, led by Softbank Capital, Yahoo! Japan, SAP Ventures, Adams Street, and Bessemer. Previous investors in the French startup include Elaia Ventures, IDInvest Partners, and Index Ventures. This fundraising will put the company ever-closer to the arbitrary burden that […]

Index Ventures is building an IPO market in London

I don’t want to take too much credit about this recent story, but I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the IPO market in Europe, most of which was spurred by Index Ventures talking about it at their Summer Party in Paris a few months back. While people are looking for the next […]

Paris & Berlin – The tale of two cities (Part 1: The facts you can't ignore)

Nicolas Metzke examines the economic, historical, and georgraphical attributes of the two cities to make an initial assessment of which city is better suited as a startup hub.