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Les Trois Elles – the Education App featured in Apple’s latest iPad ad campaign

If you’re travelling in the metro in Paris in the next few months, you may pass Apple’s latest iPad Campaign, which features Educational App producer Les Trois Elles. The French startup, which produces apps based on the Montessori educational style for English, Math, and other primary school subjects, has had quite a success both in […]

Former Living Social COO joins Criteo as Chief Revenue Officer

Former Living Social COO joins Criteo as Chief Revenue Officer

Former Chief Operating Office for LivingSocial Eric Eichmann has joined Criteo as Chief Revenue Officer, according to AdAge,com. According to his LinkedIn profile, Eichmann left LivingSocial at the end of 2012. Previously COO of language learning software company Rosetta Stone, Eichmann’s fluency in French may have been a deal-maker in his bid for the position of […]

Five Silicon Valley Organizations that French Startups can take advantage of to get a foot in the door

Five Silicon Valley Organizations that French Startups can take advantage of to get a foot in the door

It is an inevitable part of any startup to have to venture to the Silicon Valley. Whether it be to find funding, clients, partners, or press, the fact of the matter is that all roads in the tech sector lead to the Silicon Valley. Deciding when it is time to make your first trip out […]

Lengow kicks off its first Ecommerce Day on April 11th

On April 11th, Lengow, one of the rising stars in the area of services and solutions for Ecommerce vendors, will host their first Ecommerce Day conference at the fantastic Tapis Rouge in Paris. Lengow has designed a conference that is focused on offering attendees an opportunity to meet with experts from the sector and learn more about […]

After Yahoo’s questionable acquisition of Summly, Seedcamp’s tl;dr says curation trumps algorithms

In recent weeks, the media is having a field day with Marissa Mayer’s most recent acquisition of the 6-person Summly team out of the UK. With a teenage cofounder, it looked initially like Yahoo had acquired a great new technology, or perhaps a stellar team. But as word comes out that only 3 of the […]

Is SaaS heaven on earth for B2B Software startups? Startup development & the platform dilemma

The following guest post is contributed by Thomas Oriol, who is the co-founder and CEO of online sales analysis and forecasting application Salesclic. You can follow him at @ThomasOriol as well as his company at @Salesclic. SaaS has considerably reduced B2B startup development costs. Think of the products and services you had to buy when […]

The Ebook continues to slowly but surely gain ground in France

Many have been lamenting for a long time about France’s laggard status in the digital book market. Although their concerns have certainly not been completely assuaged, Ebooks are starting to get some traction in France. With the big, annual book tradeshow (Salon du Livre) that wrapped up earlier this week in Versailles, its become clear […]

Pretty Simple Games now amongst top 10 game developers on Facebook

Pretty Simple Games, which we wrote about recently here and here, continues its spectacular rise in a space that has been challenged as of late. In just a few months, their hit game Criminal Case has reached 4 million daily active users (as of yesterday), which has put them squarely in the top 10 game developers […]

With an influencer-oriented recommendation engine, Music Social Network Whyd fills the void left by MySpace

A little while ago we introduced readers to Whyd – a social network oriented around sharing & discovering music. It’s handy bookmarklet allows users to easily share music they discover on the web (namely, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc.), and users on the network can follow friends and music influencers to discover new music. Currently a […]

Fanzy raises $550K from KIMA Ventures to help Facebook pages engage with fans

Facebook marketing app Fanzy has raised another $550K from KIMA Ventures, OREFA (Jacques-Antoine Granjon’s fund) and Start Capital (a fund founded by Paolo Rubatto) to help brands on Facebook reward fans for their engagement. Co-founded by Tuhin Roy, who previously worked on the Digital Media Group, and Jeff Marois, who manages the teams development center in Paris, Fanzy […]