Lengow kicks off its first Ecommerce Day on April 11th

Lengow kicks off its first Ecommerce Day on April 11th


On April 11th, Lengow, one of the rising stars in the area of services and solutions for Ecommerce vendors, will host their first Ecommerce Day conference at the fantastic Tapis Rouge in Paris. Lengow has designed a conference that is focused on offering attendees an opportunity to meet with experts from the sector and learn more about the new practices, innovation and emerging trends in Ecommerce.

With the numerous, high-quality workshops and panels showcasing several of France’s key Ecommerce players, such as Priceminister, Pecheur.com, Armand Thiery, and various expert service providers, Lengow has focused first and foremost on creating a high-quality event, particularly from a content perspective. The panels and workshops will focus on the latest innovations and new trends in Ecommerce, such as marketplaces, retail vs pure players, payments, internationalization and web-to-store.

True to their vision as a company, Lengow aspires above all for attendees to come out of the conference having gained practical tips and learnings to improve their business. As Lengow co-founder Mickaël Froger put it in a recent interview with Frenchweb.fr , his objective is to have each vendor who participates in the conference come out of it saying to himself/herself “I’ve learned a lot of new things today which I will take back to my team in order to propose (new ideas), advance and work together to further develop our business”.

In addition to offering a great program, high-quality content, and the opportunity to meet some of France’s  Ecommerce leaders, the conference offers one another big advantage…it’s free. So, if you’d like ot attend, sign-up here asap to make sure you get a ticket in time.

Event details

Date:  Thursday, April 11th, 9h – 18h

Location: the Tapis Rouge, 67 Rue Faubourg-St Martin, 75010