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Viadeo crosses 8 Million members in France, outpacing LinkedIn [Update]

Viadeo has just announced that they’ve reached 8 million members in France, outpacing LinkedIn’s 4.3 million (here and here) [update below]. Often in the shadow of its much larger rival, Viadeo has done a particularly good job of fending off LinkedIn in their home market.  Strategically positioning themselves in France as the indispensable social network for job-hunting, […]

Viadeo launches VMail, creating a direct connection between advertisers and your inbox

Viadeo launches VMail, creating a direct connection between advertisers and your inbox

Viadeo announced this week that it is rolling out a new advertising opportunity on the platform, VMail, which allows advertisers to send 100% customizable messages to Viadeo users. Advertisers can target users by a variety of profile characteristics, and it seems that the message will arrive directly in the users’ personal email inbox, as well […]

Pealk, the startup that hacked the LinkedIn API, acquired by Viadeo

Pealk, the startup that hacked the LinkedIn API, acquired by Viadeo

We reported last year on Pealk, a Paris-based startup that had used the legal access to the LinkedIn API that they had been granted to provide users with the same functinoality that recruiters pay upwards of $7,000 per year for. Less than 6 months later, the startup, which was shut down after LinkedIn revoked their […]

Bordeaux-based Dokker launches Slideshare for documents

One of many startups to launch at Dublin Web Summit this week is the Bordeaux-based Dokker, who has launched their platform for uploading & sharing documents. The site hopes to create a platform for colleagues to share everything from business plan templates to white papers written internally for work or externally for distribution. The company […]

Hootsuite launches in France; adds Viadeo integration

  Hootsuite, which recently acquired Loic Le Meur’s Seesmic, announced this morning that it is now available in French, adding Viadeo integration to its Social Media Management platform. Hootsuite, used by big brands like McDonalds, Pepsico,Virgin & more, allows social media teams as well as b2c users to manage profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, […]

French Sovereign wealth fund announces Digital economy represents 25% of economic growth

FSI (Fonds stratégique d’investissement) France’s strategic sovereign wealth fund announced this week that the digital economy currently represents 25% of France’s growth over the last three years.  According to FSI  this will result in a an eventual revolution in sthe make-up of France’s economy as they estimate that the digital economy’s percentage of overall GDP will […]

13 French Start-ups among the 25 selected for the French & Benelux Tech Tour

13 French startups pitched a 20-minutes presentation to key investors and professionals from Europe, the U.S. and Asia, representing €10 billion worth of investment capital.

Bref.The French TV show that is now a video CV.

For anyone who lives outside of France, there's a new show that has taken over the country.

Coockly, the worst French startup name?

Now, you all know that I'm not one to usually criticize French startups or entrepreneurs. And I'm not about to criticize what anyone is actually doing (well, at least not in this article). But every now and then I come across a French startup name and giggle to myself, thinking "uh, really?" But recently I came across one startup name and I just couldn't let it get away...