Google to connect Africa to Europe with state-of-the-art undersea internet cable

Google has unveiled plans to build a powerful new undersea internet cable from Europe to Africa, according to Business Insider. Set to be completed by 2021, the company’s “Equiano” cable will offer 20 times the network capacity of the most powerful cable currently in use for Africa. It will use state-of-the-art infrastructure to bring high-speed, and […]

New Google Maps feature will help users avoid overcrowded public transit

New Google Maps feature will help users avoid overcrowded public transit

Google has unveiled a new feature that will allow users of its Maps app to avoid crowded trains and buses during rush hour, available in 18 cities and towns in the UK, according to The Telegraph. The feature will be available on iOS and Android in nearly 200 cities worldwide, with about one quarter of those locations in […]

Automation could eliminate hundreds of thousands of UK jobs by 2030

Automation could eliminate hundreds of thousands of UK jobs by 2030

Robots could eliminate as many as 20 million manufacturing jobs by 2030, according to a new report from analytics firm Oxford Economics. Despite this risk, it notes that automation will ultimately fuel economic growth and create new jobs, and calls on governments to help workers adapt to these economic shifts. The analysis also forecasts that […]

Foodtech: From Vegan Burgers to Eating Insects

Innovation within the food industry is at an all-time high, fueled by the pressure to find more eco-friendly agricultural practices and the growing popularity of plant-based diets. Companies such as Beyond Meat, Phytophonics and Chirps are supplying services and products with to an ever-growing market of climate and health-conscious consumers, thus changing the traditional landscape of the food […]

Looking into the Challenges of the Driverless Car Industry

Buckle up! Elon Musk is announcing he will roll out 1 million robot-taxis by next year. He has also claimed Tesla owners will be able to profit on average $30k a year just by lending their car to the robot-taxi fleet. Tech companies such as Apple and Google are heavily involved in developing driverless cars, as […]

The Impact of Brexit on London Startups

For the past three years, one word has been on everyone’s minds in the UK: Brexit. The sudden decision to leave the European Union has been endlessly scrutinised, discussed and delayed, but the end result seems to be an indelible cloud of uncertainty floating over the whole of Britain (and Ireland). While British politicians seem to […]

From farming to phones: five French startups making a difference

Many startups claim that they’re trying to make the world a better place—though there’s often confusion between startups which make our individual lives better and startups which genuinely give back as part of their business model. As an example, Deliveroo may make your life better by allowing you to satisfy that sushi craving at any […]

SGH Capital: a holding company with some flair

Thanks to some smart choices, the holding company founded by Alexandre Azoulay a little over 4 years ago has seen enormous success last year, after posting stellar Q4 results. SGH Capital, the holding company overseen by Alexandre Azoulay and his three partners, has gone from strength to strength. Once affiliated with Wijet – an air […]

French Tech Friday : Kokoroe’s amazing success story

Many startups have great ideas, many hold fantastic hopes. Some want to change the world. However, many don’t get to that point. It makes it all the more pleasant when a startup has a real success story to share. And Kokoroe has one of those stories.   A fresh approach to online courses   Kokoroe […]

10 Misconceptions about French support for startups

There are several schemes to help startups in the complicated launching phase. The Research tax credits (CIR) scheme celebrates its 35th anniversary this year and has proved to be one of the main drivers for innovation in France: over 20,000 companies presently benefit from it. However, many misconceptions still persist about this support facility, as […]