#FrenchTechFriday: 4Escape, the toolbox for your escape

Where do team building groups, stag night party-goers and Uni friends get a chance to meet? In an Escape Room. These rooms where you have to escape in 60 minutes are growing in popularity. But Escape Room managers encounter specific issues. French startup 4Escape takes them on.     A general solution for specific issues […]

#FrenchTechFriday: Archive Valley finds that unique footage

#FrenchTechFriday: Archive Valley finds that unique footage

It’s not always the most visible startups that end up being the most sought-after. Archive Valley is one of them. Working in the background, Archive Valley is like a missing link. On one hand you have footage providers, thousands of them, and on the other hand, those who need footage. In the middle, you now […]

Out for a record year in French Tech fund raising in 2018?

Out for a record year in French Tech fund raising in 2018?

On the second term of 2018, funds raised by French startups added up to $995 million, which bring the year’s total to $1.846 billion. The record of 2017 will probably be smashed.   The new quarterly insights by CB Insight, dedicated to investments in startups, is out. It confirms that French Tech startups are soaring […]

The giants behind the startups: meet Orange Fab

Starting up in the tech world is a daunting experience. Some make it into incubators or accelerators to get that extra nudge on the way to success. Offering such guidance is a win-win situation: while startups get help, big groups stay on top of the innovation race. Meet Orange Fab France, the accelerator of the […]

How You Can Build A Career In Blockchain

There is a change in trust in the financial world. The name of this change often starts with “crypto” or “blockchain”. Here’s how you can build a career in this profitable field. A change of trust Banks today play the role of a trusted financial intermediary in transactions. Importantly, for any deal to take place, […]

Can cryptocurrencies make the World Cup feeling last a little longer?

A famous football star, Didier Drogba and all.me digital network are launching the “All.me Digital Championship” to give away 35 million ME to all.me users and charity.   Didier Drogba, a forward of Phoenix Rising, also well-known as the most resultative FC Chelsea foreign player and the Cote-D’Ivoire national team captain, took part in the […]

Startup on the Beach: getting ideas and money together in Saint Malo

  The beginnings of a startup are seldom profitable, moneywise. The race for funds is among the top priorities. Depending on the maturity of the startup, hunting for investors can prove very challenging. The French Tech thrives to ease the work of the entrepreneur with clever events. On July 6th, French Tech teams held the […]

FRENCHTECHFRIDAY : Smash – file transfer with an extra edge

    French startup Smash is taking the file transfer fight right up to giants such as WeTransfer. But they have a few tricks up their sleeves to become a valid competitor.   The need for file transfer   Who has managed to make it through digital life without the nagging “this attachment is too […]

FrenchTechFriday: Tiller goes big

  The French startup Tiller has just raised €12,000,000 and aims to become the European leader by 2020. If the cash register solution can afford such big goals, it’s because their solution goes far beyond the hardware.   1/3 of restaurants makes it   The observation is harsh: of the 180 000 restaurants currently open […]

FrenchTechFriday: The Dear Muesli Algorithm

  French startup Dear Muesli was not, upon launching, a French Tech startup. But a little foodtech never hurt anybody as Dear Muesli is finding out in its latest product: DM+.   The Abercrombie & Fitch testing ground   As often, the idea for a new startup springs from a noticeable lack. Dikom Bakang and […]