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SGH Capital: a holding company with some flair

Thanks to some smart choices, the holding company founded by Alexandre Azoulay a little over 4 years ago has seen enormous success last year, after posting stellar Q4 results. SGH Capital, the holding company overseen by Alexandre Azoulay and his three partners, has gone from strength to strength. Once affiliated with Wijet – an air […]

Last take for the Edge Browser

Internet browsers have always been a stone in Microsoft’s shoe. Following Internet Explorer’s demise (abandoned after years of -un-loyal services), it’s Edge’s turn to fall into limbo. This time its lifespan was even shorter.   Edge disappeared as quickly as it came. Launched three and a half years ago, it’s already scraped. It was supposed […]

Has Twitter violated the GDPR?

Five months following the launch of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), Twitter becomes the target for the first time. The social network has refused to tell a researcher how its data was used.   Google and Facebook have led the way and are already investigated by European regulators. All regarding mishaps in the GDPR. […]

Looking back at the hectic life of Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft

Computer programmer, cinema producer, investor in new technologies and aerospace, philanthropist and … rock composer. Paul Allen was a figure of American entrepreneurship. He died of cancer on October 15th, 2018 at age 65.   Early October 2018, Paul Allen had announced he was facing cancer again. He who was often referred to as « co-founder […]

The founder of online bank Hush vanishes

Introduced in late 2017, during the cryptocurrency boom, the French Fintech startup Hush was going to revolutionize banking. Less than a year later, the fabulous fundraising that was expected didn’t take place. Hush is now nothing more than an empty shell and its founder has disappeared.   Yet again, this success-story-to-be ends dramatically. In the […]

After a tough fight, Comcast buys Sky for $33 billion

Following three rounds of bidding (that’s exceptional), Comcast won over Disney-21st to take ownership of Sky. Sky is the European leader in Pay TV. The goal is to challenge Netflix or Amazon Prime.   The battle was long, bitter and with many developments. But the prize was worth it. Sky is a network of satellite […]

Amazon and Microsoft present the joint Alexa/Cortana platform

The convergence between Alexa and Cortana, Amazon and Microsoft’s personal assistants, enters a new phase. Both companies have launched a pre-version of the platform that enables both assistants to co-exist. Whether it be in connected speakers or on a PC.   The joint integration of Alexa and Cortona marches on: a pre-version of the hybrid […]

Cloud computing: AWS heads for network switches

Amazon Web Services (AWS) wants to remain the leader in the world cloud market. To do so, the e-market giant has launched a hardware production: it now makes its own network switches.   AWS is THE worldwide cloud computing master. It is far ahead of all other tech big names (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud). In […]

Ivory Coast sees itself as the African « Startup Nation »

  Ivory Coast dreams itself as the « Startup Nation of Africa ». An ambitious goal that will not come as a surprise to those following the evolution of digital Africa.   Warning, a digital platform may hide another! The Ivorian startup Janngo has just achieved its first fundraising. Investors include the Investments Bank Clipperton and the […]

Mark Zuckerberg at the European Parliament: The real answers came… in writing

The hearing of Facebook’s CEO before the European Parliament was disappointing content-wise. The social network then decided to answer, in writing, to the central questions. While excelling at avoiding the issues.   On May 22nd, 2018, the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, was heard by European Parliament lawmakers in Brussels. This was shortly after a similar […]