Amazon and Microsoft present the joint Alexa/Cortana platform

Amazon and Microsoft present the joint Alexa/Cortana platform
The convergence between Alexa and Cortana, Amazon and Microsoft’s personal assistants, enters a new phase. Both companies have launched a pre-version of the platform that enables both assistants to co-exist. Whether it be in connected speakers or on a PC.
The joint integration of Alexa and Cortona marches on: a pre-version of the hybrid platform is already available in the US. It can be installed on Echo speakers (Amazon) and Invoke (Harman Kardon, developed with Microsoft). It also makes its way on all Windows 10 terminals.

A platform to enjoy the best of both assistants

Users will benefit from all the advantages and exclusive functionalities of each assistant. Cortana can send an email with Outlook and Alexa can shop on Amazon. Cortana knows its way around LinkedIn better but Alexa will make more efficient use of connected objects, thanks to its various partnerships. The platform can be summoned from a PC, a tablet or a smart speaker.
This step is crucial for both companies to confirm the relevance of the technological choice and its practicality. The next step is already planned: it is to extend the integration to iOS and Android.

Getting a foothold on PC and speakers before taking on smartphones

It’s the main challenge of the whole process: impose the platform on the two domains where Microsoft and Amazon are dominant: PC and speakers. Those two domains are where the use of a vocal assistant is most natural and corresponds to the technological state.
In good time, users accustomed to Alexa and Cortana will be encouraged to install them on their smartphone. Neither Microsoft nor Amazon have succeeded in taking hold of the smartphone ecosystem. If they are to succeed, they must do so before Google and Apple impose their own assistant…