French Startups take a stand in climate change

French Startups take a stand in climate change


Fighting climate change is linked to new technologies: smart objects, smart grids, smart city. The tech world also provides other initiatives, isolated measures, that help lower climate change and protect the planet. The French Tech excels in this field. Here are three fine initiatives.
Along the One Planet Summit, let’s focus on tangible solutions by three young startups to lower waste (and energy costs) and protect the planet’s future.

L’Increvable (the perennial), a sustainable washing machine

Christopher Santerre and Julien Phedyaeff, two industrial designers, launched the startup L’increvable. Their goal is to produce a high end repairable sustainable washing machine for consumers. They replaced most plastic parts with stainless steel, eased access to the motor and parts for fixing.
The machine is also equipped with a software that doses precisely the volume of washing powder needed. Still at the prototype stage, this next generation washing machine will be on pre-order late 2018.

Greenspector, to lower Tech’s electric consumption

Greenspector addresses the power usage of digital appliances which is the digital’s main source of pollution. Booming online services, cloud computing and data centers drain more and more electricity.
The startup set up tools to optimize apps or websites. This helps lower their power consumption. Besides the sustainable use, users save money. Greenspector already works with LVMH, La Poste or the SNCF.

Phenix limits waste with to charitable donations

Phenix is a French startup that helps companies transfer unsold items to charities. This prevents waste and companies get tax cuts.
This is a win-win solution: companies save and voluntary organizations get free goods (food or other) to help those in need. The startup gets a part of the fiscal revenue of the company and the latter avoids wasting and/or destroying goods that can still be of use.
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