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YouTube will tweak its UK platform to promote fewer conspiracy videos

YouTube will implement algorithm changes to its platform in the UK, reducing recommendations of conspiracy theory and junk science videos, according to Tech Crunch. YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki said the changes will allow quality content “more of a chance to shine” and could reduce views of “borderline content” by 50 percent.   The changes were first trialed […]

Oh la la ! France’s amazing gift to Google: its citizens’ data

Oh la la ! France’s amazing gift to Google: its citizens’ data

  It’s that time of year when millions of French have to file in their income tax return online. This time, the official website displays an information video. But this tutorial is hosted on Youtube and Google gets its best-ever view of the French population. A matter of digital sovereignty?   Online Income Tax Return […]

Canal+ buys France’s #1 YouTube Channel – Studio Bagel

Canal+ buys France’s #1 YouTube Channel – Studio Bagel

Just a few months back, Canal+ decided to change from its strategy of only diffusing its content line via their own player to developing a Canal+ ecosystem on YouTube by launching 16 of its own channels. Now they seem to have changed course yet again, announcing that they have bought a 60% stake in Studio […]

Jolidrive rolls out Search and says Dropbox, Google Drive & YouTube among most popular services

When Tariq Krim and the Jolicloud team announced the move to Jolidrive, they promised many more new services and enhancements in the coming months. Earlier this month, the team announced the Jolidrive integration with CloudApp with a nice 20% discount on CloudAppPro. Now comes the addition of one of the most sought after services by Jolidrive users, […]

Yahoo reportedly in discussions with Orange to buy big stake in Dailymotion

Yahoo is reportedly in talks with Orange to buy what could potentially be a big stake in Dailymotion. According to sources familiar with the discussions, Dailymotion may be valued at as much as $300 million and Yahoo could ultimately buy up to 75% of the French online video site  This move by Yahoo would help […]

As the European Digital Landscape heats up, ComScore says France will remain a major market to consider

Comscore just released their France Digital Future in Focus report, in which they outline (in French) the state of the digital landscape, what’s rising, what’s falling, and where you should be. The report, which currently has a corresponding UK and US edition, shares some pretty interesting facts about the European digital & mobile landscape, ass […]

Orange’s latest Ad Campaign features Norman, one of France’s biggest YouTube stars

In its most recent ad campaign, Orange has teamed up with Norman Thavaud to push their most recent set-top box, the LiveBox Play. It’s pretty normal for Orange to pick up well known TV stars to gather interest and attention; however, this tishome Orange partnered up with one of France’s biggest YouTube stars. Known for […]

Deezer shakes it up with their version of The Harlem Shake

Yesterday the team over at the Deezer Paris Headquarters posted a video of them “doing the Harlem Shake.” The video, which is based off of this original video, which was uploaded at the beginning of the month and has since gone viral, accumulating over 7M views. While Deezer’s version may not be as good as […]

YouTube ad in Paris Metro seduces PSG soccer fans

It seems that YouTube is looking to grow their popularity in Paris – the Google-owned video service has recently begun advertising in several Paris metro stations, inviting soccer fans to visit the offical PSG (Paris Saint-Germain, Paris’ soccer team) YouTube channel. Europeans will kill me for calling it Soccer, so here’s a header just for […]

Tech brands increasingly Dominate Life in France

Technology continues to rapidly transform the daily lives of people around the world and perhaps even more so in France.  Each year Havas Media, in conjunction with CSA, does a study to assess what the top 20 most prominent brands in the lives of the French [FR].  Their study is extremely comprehensive, covering almost 4k consumers […]