Hootsuite launches in France; adds Viadeo integration

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Hootsuite, which recently acquired Loic Le Meur’s Seesmic, announced this morning that it is now available in French, adding Viadeo integration to its Social Media Management platform. Hootsuite, used by big brands like McDonalds, Pepsico,Virgin & more, allows social media teams as well as b2c users to manage profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Foursquare, MySpace, WordPress, Tumblr, YouTube, Mailchimp – pretty much everything on the internet.
This official launch in France – the product has been available in download in English, but never localized into French – lines up very well with Twitter’s recruitment of a Head of Twitter France role, validating the size of social media activity in France. In fact, according to Social Bakers, Paris is the 15th largest city in the world in terms of Facebook users, the #1 non-Anglophone (interesting from a localization perspective) European country. Paris is also in the top 10 most active cities on twitter, Hootsuite announced in its launch email.

With the integration of the French professional social network, the 2nd largest behind LinkedIn & popular in Europe & Asia, Viadeo users will be able to post to their walls, view their Viadeo news feed, like & comment on the activities of connections, read private messages, and receive notifications related to your account. In order to have access to Viadeo, users must download it from the Hootsuite Apps Directory.