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France sees the Internet as a key to globalization, study finds

Les Echos in conjunction with IFOP released a study this week delving into French attitudes and perceptions of the internet, its place in their lives as well as their thoughts on the internet’s tech leaders.  It’s clear from their findings that although that concerns around privacy abound, particularly in regards to the US digital leaders, […]

After raising 25M€, expands beyond shoes and handbags to clothing

After raising 25M€, expands beyond shoes and handbags to clothing

Grenoble-based, online footwear and handbag retailer Spartoo, which was founded in 2006 by new grads Jérémie Touchard, Boris Saragaglia, and Paul Lorne, has been on a whirlwind ride over the last few years. Following on news of their having reached 12M unique visitors per month, achieved a 20 fold increase in sales over three years and raised a 25M€ series […]

eDeal Summit 2013 brings together Europe’s top eCommerce Deal leaders

eDeal Summit 2013 brings together Europe’s top eCommerce Deal leaders

The eDeals industry (think Daily Deals, Flash Sales, Coupons/Vouchers, Social Commerce, etc) has been experiencing both substantial growth and significant challenges over the last couple years.  Groupon and Living Social have obviously been the biggest news (not all of positive of course).  But they’re just a small part of what’s becoming an increasingly crowded space.  In […]

Showroom Privé anticipates strong growth through 2014 as it rolls out across Europe, says Thierry Petit

Showroom Privé, the number two private sales site in Europe behind Vente Privée, has announced not only that they earned 250M€ in 2012, but that they are planning to earn 350M€ in 2013, a 66% growth rate. This past year, the site counted 10 Million visitors from France – likely a large percentage of their […]

Vente-privee announces discount iPhone apps to Members

Vente-Privee, the invite-only online retailer, focusing on special deals for members, announced an addition to its iPhone App, which will allow users to get “vente-privee” deals on hot iPhone apps. The Vente-privee iPhone app currently gives members access to all deals offered at the moment, and these deals will be the first deals offered exclusively on […]

Digital Media Hub Awards Nominees Announced!

Roll out the red carpet for the Digital Media Hub Awards 2012! HUBFORUM, partnered with, will hold an awards ceremony in Espace Cardin on October 11-12 to honor the the most influential digital personality of the year, start-up of the year, and digital marketing and communications book of the year. Expecting 600 guests in attendance, […]

How to enjoy French wine using tech

When I went back to NYC over Christmas, the greatest source of reverse culture shock was the wine. We kept finding ourselves at restaurants paying at least $50 for uninspiring bottles. You see, living in France has spoiled us. But let’s be honest: I, and even most native French, don’t come anywhere close to taking […]

Hadopi: What SOPA looks like from the Eiffel Tower

Last week, the US looked a lot more like France than it usually does, thanks to the uproar caused by SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). I probably don’t need to remind anyone reading this that the internet was flooded with the protesting voices of companies like Wikipedia, Google, Reddit and more against the would-be anti-piracy law. […]

I'm sorry, did you think French companies don't acquire?

It's true. French companies don't have the same acquisition culture as some of the American tech darlings, like Google or Facebook. And it definitely doesn't help the local exit market. French and other European companies often look across the Atlantic when it comes time to go public or get acquired.But just because there are more exit opportunities elsewhere doesn't mean there are none at home.

What's wrong with being a copycat?

It's funny almost to the point of hilarity. We applaud numerous copycat companies around the globe (Yandex anyone?) but are quick to criticize when it comes to Europe.