Vente-privee announces discount iPhone apps to Members


Vente-Privee, the invite-only online retailer, focusing on special deals for members, announced an addition to its iPhone App, which will allow users to get “vente-privee” deals on hot iPhone apps. The Vente-privee iPhone app currently gives members access to all deals offered at the moment, and these deals will be the first deals offered exclusively on the mobile app. Each Friday, Vente-Privee will announce a new discounted iPhone app via its own iPhone app.
For the launch, members have an exclusive deal on SongPop, the addictive song-guessing game known to the French as blind test, a game common in house parties. In order to redeem the deal, members can launch their app and go to the APPS banner.
While there exist already many apps that offer deals on mobile apps, like Laurent Kretz‘s FreeApps365 & AppsFire‘s Deals app, it is true that Vente-Privee, who clears $1B in annual revenue and recently announced plans to launch in the US with American Express, may be in a position of power in this sector. Founder Jacques-Antoine Granjon has brought the company a long way since its founding in 2001; it’ll be interesting to see what other sectors the deals giant gobbles up in its quest for world domination.