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In 2012, Mobile service prices dropped 11% due to Free Mobile (of course)

Free’s entry into the mobile space continues to profoundly transform the French mobile space. According to 2012 figures from ARCEP, mobile contract prices in France dropped 11,4% in 2012 pretty much entirely due to the Free effect. This drop was consistent when looking at mobile contract pricing (with engagement), which declined 12%. For mobile services […]

Orange ratchets up mobile battle with Free with launch of new Sosh quadruple play offer

Orange ratchets up mobile battle with Free with launch of new Sosh quadruple play offer

Orange’s ultra-low cost mobile brand Sosh is now being extended into Free’s most profitable territory, fixed internet service. Orange announced this week that they will soon be launching a new quadruple play, non-engagement offer under the Sosh brand, including mobile, internet, TV and telephone service. The price of the offer will vary between 34.90€ – 54.90€ […]

The irony of the French government’s intervention in the Yahoo! – Dailymotion deal…

The irony of the French government’s intervention in the Yahoo! – Dailymotion deal…

Last week, my cofounder wrote about how the French government’s may potentially be slowing the deal for Yahoo to acquire 75% of Dailymotion (currently 100% owned by Orange). This morning, Les Echos confirmed that the government is indeed looking for alternative solutions, and, essentially, refuses to let foreign companies buy a majority stake in Dailymotion. The […]

Did the French government put the breaks on the Dailymotion – Yahoo deal?

As was widely reported last month, Yahoo had supposedly been in ongoing talks with Orange to take a majority stake of 75% in Dailymotion, the 31st ranked site globally.  However, now comes the news from Le Monde that the talks have abruptly come to an end. It’s well-known that Orange had been searching for a […]

S&P highlights French mobile operator troubles, takes France Telecom down a grade

Citing concerns about mobile pricing pressure in the French market and an anticipated big drop in France Telecom / Orange’s earnings, S&P has decided to follow Fitch’s lead and cut France Telecom’s debt rating to BBB+, the third lowest investment grade. This cut puts France Telecom somewhere in the middle of the European telco pack […]

Orange’s all-in-one communications app Libon launches on Android

Following its highly successful iOS launch last November which has hit over 1 million downloads and is available in over 100 countries, Libon is launching on Android today. Available to download for free from Google Play, Libon will now offer Android users free calls, smart messaging, and personalized visual voicemail.  As a reminder, Libon is […]

Consumer complaints about mobile services skyrocketing in France

In 2012, Afutt (the French association for telcoms users) registered a record number of official complaints from subscribers about their mobile service. Although mobile contracts are getting cheaper and cheaper thanks to newbie Free Mobile as well as the incumbents who’ve been playing catch-up, consumers don’t look to any happier with their mobile services. In fact, […]

Orange plans to combat Piracy by making shows available to its users. It’s about freakin’ time.

A while back I read a great piece by MG Siegler about how he was being forced to pirate the television show Game of Thrones because HBO wasn’t making the content available to viewers until very recently. Because the TV industry was trying to maximize the value of its content in each stage of its […]

Following Bouygues, Orange’s and SFR’s low-cost offers both hit 1 million subscribers

Although Free threw them for a loop when they launched their mobile offer last year, the three ‘old school’ mobile operators look to finally be adapting to a radically altered space. Last month Bouygues was the first ‘old school’ telco to reach the 1 million subscriber market with their B&You low-cost offer late 2012. Now […]

Yahoo reportedly in discussions with Orange to buy big stake in Dailymotion

Yahoo is reportedly in talks with Orange to buy what could potentially be a big stake in Dailymotion. According to sources familiar with the discussions, Dailymotion may be valued at as much as $300 million and Yahoo could ultimately buy up to 75% of the French online video site  This move by Yahoo would help […]