Orange’s all-in-one communications app Libon launches on Android

Orange’s all-in-one communications app Libon launches on Android

Libon for Android _ Free callFollowing its highly successful iOS launch last November which has hit over 1 million downloads and is available in over 100 countries, Libon is launching on Android today. Available to download for free from Google Play, Libon will now offer Android users free calls, smart messaging, and personalized visual voicemail.  As a reminder, Libon is a VOIP, mobile app that is one of the best, most disruptive innovations that has come out of Orange in recent years. The Libon team have been working tirelessly to not only continuously upgrade the iOS version but also to quickly develop the Android version to the same high quality standard as their iOS version.  With Android eating up an ever bigger portion of the mobile market in both developed and emerging countries, this launch is obviously a strategic must for them, giving them a huge bump in users and further extend their global reach. Speaking on the strategic importance of the launch, Giles Corbett, Head of Libon adds:

“The launch of Libon on Android was an absolute must. It’s overtaken iOS in the smartphone OS wars and we’re very excited to finally offer something to the thousands of users who have been asking about this…This is just the start for our Android version. Stay tuned for more functionalities in the coming weeks including the introduction of our premium offering. We’re fully committed to making Libon the most powerful communications app on Android and iOS available today.”

Libon for Android _ History v2Some of the big highlights in the launch version of their Android app include:

  • Free calls – free high quality voice calls between Libon users (iOS or Android), around the world
  • Conversation management – SMS, instant messages, calls and voicemails consolidated in the same place
  • Free instant messaging
  • Personalized voicemail – ability to customize voicemails by contact/caller for both Libon and GSM calls
  • Conversion of voicemails to text (available in English, French and Spanish with more to come)
  • Cloud-syncing of contacts, conversations and messages

Coming a bit later this year, Libon will become Joyn-compatible to offer RCS services (chat & group chat, files transfer, on-call content sharing) following Orange’s RCS roll-out in Europe.

After years of putting-off responding to both Skype and other VOIP services as well as the plethora of new of low-cost providers, Orange has been making big and successful strides as of late in this area. In an effort to fend off Free mobile, Orange launched Sosh last year in France, which has now hit 1 milion subscribers. Looking to offer Sosh users more features as well as further grow Libon’s user base in France, Orange has also recently announced a partnership between the two, giving Sosh subscribers full-access to Libon, including the ability to call internationally to more than 25 countries and overseas territories for just 5€/month.

If you’d like to check-out Libon, you can download the new Android version here and iOS here.