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Is Captain Dash getting ready to sell to Microsoft?

Speculation began to circle this week as to whether Captain Dash was in final discussions with Microsoft about an acquisition that would allow Captain Dash to launch internationally. The rumor was first mentioned in French web publication Petitweb‘s weekly newsletter, just one week after the an interview between co-founder Gilles Babinet and the publication. The […]

Google TV adds Music & Movies in Europe on Nexus 4 launch date

Google TV adds Music & Movies in Europe on Nexus 4 launch date

Google has just announced late last week the launch of streaming TV and movies on their Google TV product in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Google, like Apple and Microsoft, has its eyes set on the ‘other screen’, as the TV is called these days, since people spend more time on their computers and phones than […]

3 Changes in France the #geonpi Have Not Prevented (yet)

3 Changes in France the #geonpi Have Not Prevented (yet)

French tech news has been pretty shook up this past week with readers and journalists trying to keep up to date with the ever changing announcements of how the new tax laws will affect entrepreneurs and investors – the globally known Pigeon movement has achieved a lot of amazing things in such a short time, […]

First Impressions of Lille's EuraTechnologies: Home to 100+ startups

When I used to write on my personal blog, I would write articles about places & events just hours after I visited them, in order to thoroughly give my First Impressions. They were not meant to be my final judgment of something, but merely my ‘customer feedback’ as a visitor to something. I thought I’d […]

Brittany's Nestadio Capital launches accelerator for EU startups to go to the US

Earlier this week, Britanny-based Nestadio Capital, an FCPI Venture Capital firm, announced the launch of Zgarage, an accelerator for European startups looking to Penetrate the US market. First covered by JournalduNet[FR], the accelerator will help European companies (although “starting first with France,” according to their homepage) expand into the Silicon Valley, while maintaining their R&D […]

Rude VC: Europe still has a winner in MWC

Last week Europe hosted the Mobile World Congress, an annual ritual in which over 60,000 people in dark gray and black suits invade Barcelona in an event originally organized by the consortium of mobile network operators. The event used to be called 3GSM, named after the nearly ubiquitous technology standard for mobile communication. The GSMA […]