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Actiplay (ConcoursMania Group) acquires leading French game publisher Telaxo

NYSE listed and French online games specialist Actiplay (ConcoursManiaGroup),  announced this week that they acquired game publisher Telaxo. Telaxo is France’s #1 games publisher and one of the top 10 global games publisher on Facebook.  This acquisition was rooted in Actiplay’s strategy to establish a significant business on social media.  Increasing their presence on Facebook will help […]

After Google and Amazon, French tax authorities target Facebook

After Google and Amazon, French tax authorities target Facebook

In recent weeks, we’ve been covering quite extensively Google and their quarrels with the French government. An attempt to re-instate the Google Tax led to French media banding together to propose a law forcing Google to pay royalties for snippets used on Google sites. This all happened as French tax authorities investigate Google France & Google […]

Tech brands increasingly Dominate Life in France

Tech brands increasingly Dominate Life in France

Technology continues to rapidly transform the daily lives of people around the world and perhaps even more so in France.  Each year Havas Media, in conjunction with CSA, does a study to assess what the top 20 most prominent brands in the lives of the French [FR].  Their study is extremely comprehensive, covering almost 4k consumers […]

Tigerlily expands from Facebook to Mobile

Social. Local. Mobile. We’ve all heard it before – but have we really? With iOS6’s release, integration with Facebook and Passbook have made it easier than ever to provide an experience on each app that is SoLoMo. This past week, French startup Tigerlily, which specializes in custom Facebook integrations for brands, released a video detailing […]

Krisgard: Facebook MMORPG launching next week

Krisgard, by French startup, will be launching early next week on Facebook. It is a full MMORPG, based in the archipelago world of Krisgard, and it comes with all the elements of the genre. It includes avatar and inventory management, a quests system, player versus player fighting, and a whole lot of pets. Its […]

Rude VC: Pour une France Compétitive

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of perusing France Digitale’s whitepaper “Pour une France compétitive et créatrice d’emplois.” I say pleasure, because I really did enjoy reading the organization’s pragmatic proposal of four concrete measures to include in the upcoming Loi des Finances 2013. For those who are not familiar, France Digitale is a […]

Facebook called to answer for its crimes in France

In the wake of Facegate, Facebook France has been called to answer to the data watchdog CNIL “The national commission for the liberty of data.” The demand was made by ministers Arnaud Montebourg & Fleur Pellerin, in charge of industrial renewal and the digital economy, respectively. Facebook is being asked to address claims that private […]

SongPop: Where Cloning Good Design can take you

SongPop by Freshplanet now crossed over 2M DAUs, and is on a trajectory to reach the top 10 of Facebook games. The Android and iOS app aren’t doing too bad either. Its growth and design are strongly reminiscent of Draw Something. Rewind a bit, and you have a game called “we are music” launched at least a […]

Rude VC: How do VC's calculate valuations in Europe?

The question I am asked most frequently by European entrepreneurs I know is: “How much is my company worth ?” I’ll pull a Henry Kissinger and answer a slightly different and more precise question, which is that of how VC’s in Europe calculate valuations of tech companies. Even if it’s more precise, the answer still […]

Rude VC: Intro to IPOs: US vs. France

If you’ve been reading the French press recently, you are no doubt aware that this week represents the start of a new adventure… I’m of course referring to the imminent road show for Facebook’s IPO.  Already affecting a billion people on the planet, and probably 100% of RudeBaguette readers, Facebook strikes me as the perfect […]