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Opinion: Yes, Crypto is crashing again, but Blockchain will survive

The US Federal Reserve’s actions and recession fears have brought pressure on financial markets as Crypto has become one of the most challenged assets since the turn of the year. Just last week, Bitcoin fell from $23,000 to $22,000 and then to $21,000. This week, the Crypto industry rapidly fell for the 2nd time in […]

Our stablecoin is now backed in part by non-US Government bonds- Tether

Our stablecoin is now backed in part by non-US Government bonds- Tether

Tether, the issuer of the stablecoin, has claimed that its stablecoin is partially backed by non-US Government bonds. In its recent “attestation” report, the company equally said its holdings of U.S. Treasurys grew from 13% to $39.2 billion in the 2022 first quarter. For the amount of commercial paper, Tether fell from 17% to $20.1 […]

The UK recognizes stablecoin as a valid means of payment

The UK recognizes stablecoin as a valid means of payment

On Monday, the UK government recognized stablecoin as a valid means of payment in the country.  The country is now closer to permitting stablecoin to be used as a means of payment after releasing plans for its regulation.  The UK Treasury revealed that stablecoins would be used within regulation, indicating that it’ll be recognized as […]

Web3 vs. big tech; why you should believe the web3 hype

There have been several considerations on the hype and widespread adoption of Web3. While others believe it may not live up to the hype, others think Web3 can’t scale sustainably. Many people ask, can Web3 live up to its hype or expectations?  But we believe that it has come to stay and will profoundly affect […]

Three crypto predictions for 2022

Cryptocurrency is fast changing the world as we know it. More and more countries are beginning to accept Bitcoin, crypto’s biggest currency as legal tender. Opportunities in the crypto market are beginning to increase exponentially.  As with other markets, there are certain trends that should be expected of the crypto market. In this short piece, […]

Libra official remains optimistic despite regulatory hurdles, says the cryptocurrency will benefit Europe

A Libra Association executive says it’s still hoping for a 2020 rollout for the digital currency, despite regulatory obstacles and mounting criticism from officials, according to Politico. Facebook’s plans for Libra have faced a nearly constant barrage of criticism and new setbacks from regulators. Officials have expressed concern that it could undermine official currencies, impact global […]

French startup Ledger wins Cyber Security Award at the CES 2019

When it comes to crypto-currencies, getting them is only half the battle. The other half is storing them and keeping them safe. There are many stories of unfortunate crypto-currency holders who misplaced fortunes. Several options exist to safeguard your crypto-currency and the most successful one just got a cool update.     Ledger: one of […]