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Canal+ buys France’s #1 YouTube Channel – Studio Bagel

Just a few months back, Canal+ decided to change from its strategy of only diffusing its content line via their own player to developing a Canal+ ecosystem on YouTube by launching 16 of its own channels. Now they seem to have changed course yet again, announcing that they have bought a 60% stake in Studio […]

The Netflix French love affair: company executives fight against VOD monopolies

The Netflix French love affair: company executives fight against VOD monopolies

The love affair between Netflix and France has been fiddled with mistrust and a few bumps on the road. Fortunately – for consumers – the overly popular American video streaming service might be arriving to France very soon. Being present in 41 countries worldwide, it sounds strange that Netflix is not available in the French market. […]

Facebook challenges Twitter as the Second Screen; partners with France’s largest TV Channels

Facebook challenges Twitter as the Second Screen; partners with France’s largest TV Channels

This week during MIPCOM, an entertainment & content industry event organized by Reed Midem (which purchased LeWeb last year), Facebook announced a partnership with TF1 & Canal+, respectively the largest free & paid-access TV groups in the French market, which will provide the TV stations access to Facebook’s new Keyword Insights API. The tool, which […]

After selling the bulk of its stake in Activision, is SFR the next to go for Vivendi?

After selling 85% of their stake in Activision last week, Les Echos reported that Vivendi is studying the possibility of selling SFR, its largest telecoms operation. Given their debt challenges and shaky performance of late, they’re particularly looking at how to divest the French telco without disrupting their stock price or negatively affecting their (already […]

Spideo Brings its B2B Video Recommendation engine straight to the consumer with its new iPad App

A while back we wrote about Spideo, a startup with a powerful video recommendation engine, that is already being used by content publishers like Canal+ to power CanalPlay’s video recommendation. At the time when we first introduced them, they were on their way to New York for the Digital Tech Tour, where they might publishing […]

And then there were two | Netflix to delay entrance into the French Market

Netflix announced its fourth quarter results from 2012, which outperformed all market expectations. The video streaming company saw a 30% rise in its stock after hours yesterday, as it was originally expected to see massive losses from the Nordic market ($112 Million, to be exact), and instead performed quite well internationally. As TNW reported, this […]

Amazon & Netflix will fight it out for the French Market in 2013

This week, during a meeting with the Competition Authority, Canal+ President Bertrand Meheu fought off claims that his company had exclusivity on the VoD and SvoD market by suggesting that Netflix would be launching early in 2013. The investigation into the monopoly comes from the fact that, in addition to Canal+ offering the only VoD & SVoD […]

Hadopi may be dead as soon as September 2012

In the beginning of the month, Minister of Culture Aurelie Filippetti announced that Hadopi, the anti-pirating law introduced in France in 2009, will have its 2013 budget rethought when it comes up for discussion in 2013 – until then, it will be able to eat up its €11.1M annual budget for 2012. This announcement comes […]

Krrb: Paris and Brooklyn-designed fleas for fashion (and more)

Online classifieds have been stuck in the past for years now (see Craigslist and Leboncoin), and even though plenty of companies are trying hard (see Oodle and OLX), innovation in the space really seems to be lagging. So the first thing you notice when you go to is that it looks like something new. […]