And then there were two | Netflix to delay entrance into the French Market


netflix-logoNetflix announced its fourth quarter results from 2012, which outperformed all market expectations. The video streaming company saw a 30% rise in its stock after hours yesterday, as it was originally expected to see massive losses from the Nordic market ($112 Million, to be exact), and instead performed quite well internationally. As TNW reported, this has unexpectedly led to Netflix’ announcement that they will halt any new market penetration for the first half of 2013, and will enter new markets (including France) in late 2013/early 2014.

As we reported last October, Netflix was expected to launch in ‘early 2013’ in France, this according to Canal+ (French equivalent of HBO) President Bertrand Meheu, who was being pushed by the French competition authority about Canal+ perceived monopoly over the SVoD and VoD market. They currently offer the only SVoD/VoD service in France, and while Amazon is expected to launch in France through its European brand Lovefilm in earl 2013 as well, this launch is being in an exclusive partnership with Canal+, who will be providing them their local French film content.

With Netflix off the table for another 6 to 12 months, let’s hope that Amazon, who has been quite active in France these past 12 months, whether its opening two offices in France, or being accused of tax evasion by the government and subsequently hit with multi-million back taxes, will not slow their launch into France. If they choose to slow their entrance into France, predicted again by Bertrand Meheu, then Amazon may be revisiting the Competition Authority in order to assess its seemingly monstrous monopoly.