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Dutch Central Bank fines Binance $3.4 million for serious violations

On Monday, the De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) slapped Binance with a huge $3.4 million fine for not obtaining regulatory approval to work in the country. The bank claims that Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange company by trading volume, has continued to provide services in the Netherlands without the needed registration and approval. According to the […]

<strong>Ex-Binance executives launch a $100M Crypto fund.</strong>

Ex-Binance executives launch a $100M Crypto fund.

As the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance is known for hiring the best. A group of former executives recently launched a $100 million venture fund.   This venture fund is called Old Fashion Research (OFR). It focuses on the Metaverse and was created to bring more Crypto adoption to regions with emerging markets.  These […]

<strong>Binance gets the first European Regulatory approval in France.</strong>

Binance gets the first European Regulatory approval in France.

Binance, a Cryptocurrency exchange, has achieved a prominent milestone as the first trading platform to be registered in France. The company, which is the largest cryptocurrency exchange globally by trading volume, has been approved by the French regulators to operate its digital asset trading platform in the nation. It was officially reported on May 4, […]