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Steve Jobs called it: France claims Amazon is killing bookstores with loss-leader prices

During a conference of bookstore owners in Bordeaux this week, Aurelie Filippetti, France’s Minister of Culture, renewed her fight against Amazon, who she says has killed the market by lowering prices and by introducing free shipping. As reported in LeMonde, Amazon has taken advantage of one French law which allows books to be discounted at […]

Apple, Google, Amazon & Netflix in France’s radar with new smartphone/tablet tax

Apple, Google, Amazon & Netflix in France’s radar with new smartphone/tablet tax

François Hollande will receive a report today resulting from nine months of studying how the digital economy can contribute to cultural funding in France. This report will detail a plan to add a tax on smartphones and tablets, a tax which will go to pay for art & culture in France -whether it be keeping […]

After eliminating the competition with help from the government, Amazon to “harmonize” commission rates in France

After eliminating the competition with help from the government, Amazon to “harmonize” commission rates in France

Amazon has been welcomed with open arms by the government. They bought their tapis rouge on Amazon, rolled it out from them on top of FNAC, Darty, Surcouf, and Virgin Megastore, and let them walk right in. To give a brief summary, in the past year Amazon has opened new offices in Burgundy, and Pas de Calais, […]

More tablets will be sold than laptop PCs in France this year

France will soon reach a major digital milestone…2013 will be the year that tablet sales, projected to easily reach 5.1million this year, will officially surpass those of laptop PCs.  With the number of tablets sold in France more than doubling in a year (up from 1.5 million in 2011 to 3.6 million in 2012), this […]

And then there were two | Netflix to delay entrance into the French Market

Netflix announced its fourth quarter results from 2012, which outperformed all market expectations. The video streaming company saw a 30% rise in its stock after hours yesterday, as it was originally expected to see massive losses from the Nordic market ($112 Million, to be exact), and instead performed quite well internationally. As TNW reported, this […]

Amazon continues to hire in France despite tax evasion claims

After announcing the opening of a new fulfillment center last June in Chalons-sur-Saone (the region of Bourgogne and, coincidentally the previous district of the current Minister of Industrial Renewal, Arnaud Montebourg), it has been announced that in the 2nd half of 2013, Amazon will open yet another fulfillment center in France, this time in the […]

After Google and Amazon, French tax authorities target Facebook

In recent weeks, we’ve been covering quite extensively Google and their quarrels with the French government. An attempt to re-instate the Google Tax led to French media banding together to propose a law forcing Google to pay royalties for snippets used on Google sites. This all happened as French tax authorities investigate Google France & Google […]

Forget Google – France just hit Amazon with $252M in back taxes

These days in France, all we read about in France is the French government’s ongoing pursuit of the coffers of Google, who pay as little as 2% taxes on the revenue generated by  French customers; however, Reuters shifted the attention towards another tax-optimized giant, Amazon, who has been hit with back taxes to the tune […]

IBM to launch Andromede Competitor IaaS in France

While Andromède spawns Cloudwatt (Orange-Thales) and Numergy (SFR-Bull) continue to toil over the details of their cloud offers [FR], IBM (aka Big Blue) has taken a big step towards establishing a strong position in the French IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) market by launching a datacenter outside of Montpellier.  This datacenter, which is at the heart of IBM’s French […]

Amazon & Netflix will fight it out for the French Market in 2013

This week, during a meeting with the Competition Authority, Canal+ President Bertrand Meheu fought off claims that his company had exclusivity on the VoD and SvoD market by suggesting that Netflix would be launching early in 2013. The investigation into the monopoly comes from the fact that, in addition to Canal+ offering the only VoD & SVoD […]